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UC Humanities Research Institute Award Winners for 2020-21

A banner year for UCR in awards from the UC Humanities Research Institute! UCR students and faculty won 10 awards including two of the most competitive awards in the system: the President’s Faculty Research Fellowship, won by Gloria Kim (Media and Cultural Studies), and the White Graduate Student Scholarship in Medicine & Humanities won by Jared Smith (Philosophy). Kudos to all applicants and this year’s awardees! ✪ Multicampus Graduate Student Working Group XIX to XXI: Bringing Spanish language in California to the forefront Álvaro Gonzelz [...]

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Congratulations to the following Center for Ideas & Society award winners!

Conference Awards ¡Que Viva Mexico! – Transnational Film and Audiovisual Art Paulo Chagas (Music) Nikolay Maslov (Culver Center of the Arts) Co-Productions: Literature, Media and Diaspora in the Japanese Transpacific Anne McKnight (Comparative Literature) John Kim (Comparative Literature) Setsu Shigematsu (Media & Cultural Studies) Traise Yamamoto (English) Catherine Gudis (History) (Re)Draft Manuscript Revision Workshops Undocumented Desires: Fantasies of Latino Male Sexuality Richard Rodriguez (Media & Cultural Studies) The 'Falls' of Rome: Transformations of the City in Late Antiquity (270-603 CE) Michele Salzman (History) Interdisciplinary [...]

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Success! Book manuscript workshop hosted online

The Faculty Commons Latinx & Latin American Studies Workgroup recently hosted an online book manuscript workshop for Xóchitl Chavez (Music), who found the virtual workshop to be very helpful. “I'm sure it would have been nice to share a meal to build further collegial ties,” she said, “but otherwise what is essential at this point is the content from the workshop.” All the participants in the two-hour Zoom session agreed, calling the workshop a “success” and a “great template” for future virtual meetings. For [...]

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Intellectual community just got an upgrade

Dear colleagues, In these stressful times, the work of building community is more important than ever. We’re re-designing our book talks, panel discussions, and reading groups so that you can join in online – where ever you are. As we develop our plans, we would love to hear your ideas for meetings, events or programs that help keep us all in engaged and moving forward. Email us at CISevents@ucr.edu. Check back soon for more details!

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In Focus: Matthew King

Matthew King Mellon Humanities Fellow Department: Religious Studies Rank: Associate Professor # of years at UCR: 5 years Top three texts I would take to a desert island: Sakya Paṇḍita Sakya Lekshé, Annie Dillard Teaching a Stone to Talk, Michel de Certeau Heterologies. Favorite thing: a guitar and Anstruther Lake in my Canadian homeland of Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. Favorite films: Three documentaries that I have seen in recent years that I regularly bring to my students—all imperfect portraits but which tend to leave [...]

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In Focus: Marissa Brookes

Marissa Brookes Mellon Humanities Fellow Department: Political Science Rank: Assistant Professor # of years at UCR: I am in my 7th year now. Top three texts I would take to a desert island: Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation; Theda Skocpol’s States and Social Revolutions; Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States Currently listening to: Dillinger Four, Naked Raygun, Danny Brown, Malibu Ken A favorite record I encourage students to listen to is: Propagandhi’s 1993 How to Clean Everything. It’s a political punk classic. Website: [...]

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In Focus: Victoria Reyes

Victoria Reyes Participant, Mellon Advancing Intercultural Studies, Contested Histories Seminar Department: Sociology Rank: Assistant Professor # of years at UCR: Entering 4th year at UCR but 3rd year on campus because during my first year I was on leave for a Postdoc at University of Michigan Top three texts I would take to a desert island: This is a difficult one…I’d say I would take my phone and internet connection Favorite thing: Philippine brand dried mangoes Website: www.victoriadreyes.com Q. Your research agenda [...]

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In Focus: Juliet McMullin

Juliet McMullin Convener, Inequities in Health, Faculty Commons Project Juliet's Stats: Department: Anthropology Rank: Professor Years at UCR: 14 Favorite Thing: Chocolate. It is such a favorite thing that I host bi-annual chocolate parties. Book I'm reading right now: Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot. Personal Website: www.julietmcmullin.com Comic of Juliet's visit to the 2018 Asian American History graduate seminar at UCLA by Angel's Talitha Trazo. Q. Your research agenda summed up in one sentence: My research agenda is designed to examine the production of inequality [...]

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UCHRI Award Winners

Congratulations to the following UCR faculty and students for being awarded a UCHRI grant for the year 2019-20! Alisa Bierria, Ethnic Studies Feminist Anti-Carceral Research Initiative ✪ Engaging Humanities Grant Michelle Dizon, Media and Cultural Studies Fugitive Archives ✪ Engaging Humanities Grant Dana Simmons, History Humanities Careers in Science History, Policy, and Communication (H-SCHIP) ✪ Grad Professionalization Workshop Grant Samuel Fullerton, History Sex and the English Revolution ✪ Dissertation Award Chelsea Silva, English Bedwritten: Middle English Medicine and the Ailing Author ✪ Dissertation Award [...]

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Thank you for another great year!

On behalf of everyone at the Center, we want to thank you for your continued participation and support! In addition to celebrating the Center's 30th Anniversary, we’re celebrating another successful year of humanities-oriented programs at UCR. Over the last academic year, Center-sponsored events reached over 800 people through... More than 15 conferences & workshops Over 20 community events 12 faculty-led projects hosting over 50 guest speakers 11 faculty book talks including Emory Elliott Award winner: Close Encounters with Humankind by Sang-Hee Lee 27 graduate [...]

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In Focus: Amanda Lucia

Amanda Lucia Second Project Fellow, Center for Ideas and Society Department: Religious Studies Rank: Associate Professor Years at UCR: 7 Favorite Thing: Building my secret garden. Top texts for a desert island: Pierre Bourdieu, Distinction; Max Weber, Economy and Society (Vols. I & II); Giles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus [Chosen not on the pretense of presenting myself as smart, but rather because these are texts that I can read and reread, again and again, and still always seem to find something new and interesting bit to “think with.” [...]

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In Focus: Matthew Mahutga

Matthew Mahutga Co-Lead, 2018-19 Political Economy Seminars and the Globalization, Populism and the International Order Symposium Department: Sociology Rank: Associate Professor Years at UCR: 10+ Favorite thing: My favorite past-time is just about anything on the Central California coast. Fishing, hiking, food and wine are right at the top! Text I would take to a desert island: How to Survive a Desert Island by Tim O'Shei (Capstone Press, 2019). Hiking with friend Mark Martinez at Montaña de Oro State Park. [...]

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In Focus: Anthony Jerry

Anthony Jerry Convener, Blackness Unbound, Faculty Commons Project Anthony's Stats Department: Anthropology Rank: Assistant Professor Years at UCR: 3 Project website: culturalmediaarchive.org         Q.  Summarize your research in one sentence:  My work seeks to highlight the ways that blackness has historically been conceived of as the means of production and the ways that this conception continues to inform the possibilities of experiences and expressions of contemporary blackness in Mexico and the U.S. Southwest. Q. How does your work add to current conversations in the [...]

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The Future of the Academy, One Student at Time

“The Center for Ideas and Society has created, and sustains, an environment for critical inquiry, collaboration, and scholarship. Their research funding, and support of graduate student working groups fosters stronger interdisciplinary and multi-campus collaboration…. The Center created an environment of inquiry, learning, and collaboration during my graduate studies at UCR.” ~Dr. Daisy Vargas (UCR History graduate, 2018) From its earliest days, the Center for Ideas and Society has designed programs and opportunities that incorporate graduate students as scholars in their own right. As future [...]

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UCHRI Grant Award Winners

Congratulations to the following UCR faculty for being awarded a UCHRI grant for the year 2019-20! Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi Department of History Imagine Lagos: Speculative Cartography and the Making of a 19th Century African City ✪ Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop --- Alejandra Dubcovsky Department of History At the Frontlines of a Forgotten War: Violence, Gender, and Conflict in the Early South ✪ Mid-Career Faculty Manuscript Workshops --- Dana Simmons Department of History Hungry, Thinking with Animals ✪ Mid-Career Faculty Manuscript Workshops --- Erith Jaffe-Berg Department [...]

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In Focus: Farah Godrej

Farah Godrej Senior Fellow, Center for Ideas and Society, 2017-2020 Department: Political Science Rank: Associate Professor Years at UCR: 12 Favorite places:  Walking the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, or strolling the coast along the Pacific Ocean.  Staring at nature, whether in the form of plants, trees, fauna, or water, is a crucially rejuvenating practice. Top three texts I would take to a desert island: * A “wisdom” text:  The Bhagavad-Gita, the self-inquiry manual I turn to again and again. * An “intellectual” text: Karl Marx’s [...]

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2019-20 Mellon Humanities Fellows

Introducing the 2019-20 Mellon Humanities Fellows at the Center for Ideas and Society. Please join us in congratulating our colleagues who have received a year-long residency fellowship at the Center. David Biggs Over the next year, I will conduct a study of base-periphery shorelines in the Pacific (California, Guam, and Vietnam then continuing to sites in the Philippines, Okinawa, Hawai’i, and several atolls) with historical attention focused on the people—scientists, troops, families, refugees, laborers—and non-human life forms that circulated between them. This site-based focus will allow [...]

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Call for Graduate Fellows: Global 19th Century 2019-20 Workshops

The Global Nineteenth-Century Working Group at the Center for Ideas and Society invites applications for Graduate Student Fellows in 2019-20. The Fellowship includes participation in two events: 1) A one-day, interdisciplinary workshop, loosely organized around the sub-themes of “Architectures,” “Devotional Practices” and “Empires” in the long nineteenth century, to take place on Friday, September 27, 2019. At this event, three local and three invited faculty will share works-in-progress. Graduate fellows will read these works in advance and participate fully in the discussions, lunch, [...]

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Lalami wins leading literary prize

Laila Lalami, a creative writing professor and author of several books, is the winner of the 2019 Simpson/Joyce Carol Oates Literary Prize. She was one of five finalists announced last month, selected from authors nominated by publishers, critics, agents, authors, and other author representatives. Lalami, who received a $50,000 prize, said she was thrilled to receive the award and honored to be in the company of the other finalists. “This award is a wonderful gift of time, which I will use to work on [...]

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In Focus: Stephen Sohn

Stephen Sohn Senior Fellow, Center for Ideas and Society, 2017-2020 Mellon Term Professor 2019-2020 Stephen's Stats: Department: English Rank: Professor Years at UCR: 5 years Favorite sport: Tennis Current favorite television show: Killing Eve and The Good Place (tie) Preferred desserts: Anything custard based! The text I cannot do without: Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life Stephen's favorite local dessert, Vanilla Custard Bun from Uncle Chuang's Bakery. Q. Summarize your research in one sentence... I am interested in thinking deeply about literature and culture in all of [...]

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Leading the Way

Over the course of 30 years, the Center’s faculty directors have inspired new initiatives and opportunities for research through their vision, intellectual generosity and commitment to service. In the late 1980’s, Bernd Magnus envisioned a Humanities Center with what was at the time a new and innovative approach to research: interdisciplinarity. Under his leadership, residential programs with high-profile faculty guests helped launch the Center’s reputation for scholarship and service to the intellectual life of the university. -- Following this auspicious beginning, Emory Elliott helped [...]

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Lalami on short list for literary prize

UC Riverside Creative Writing Professor Laila Lalami is one of six finalists for the 2019 Simpson Literary Prize, which honors mid-career fiction authors. Lalami is the author of multiple award-winning novels, including her most recent book, “The Moor’s Account.” Her new novel, “The Other Americans,” will be published later this month. The $50,000 Simpson Literary Prize has been awarded annually since 2017 by the Simpson Project, a collaboration of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation and UC Berkeley’s English department. The finalists, announced March 6, [...]

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In Focus: Jade Sasser

Jade Sasser African Studies Workgroup, Co-organizer, Humanities Interdisciplinary Project, 2018-19 Jade's Stats: Department: Gender & Sexuality Studies Rank: Assistant Professor Years at UCR: 5 years Favorite things: Swimming, coffeeshops, and karaoke Non-academic class I would love to teach: "Motown Music for Beginners” Top three most important texts: Feminist Political Ecology (Rocheleau, et al.); Gender and Climate Change (Nagel); and This Changes Everything (Klein). Not light reading, but texts I can’t do without. Q. Summarize your research in one sentence... Environmental issues are social issues, and [...]

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A Spirited Exchange of Ideas

In 1990, the Center’s Resident Faculty Program sponsored three, quarter-long faculty groups the members of which, relieved of teaching for the quarter, met each week with an ambitious plan: to pursue their own research alongside a collective, interdisciplinary agenda. The first year, eighteen scholars attempted to do just that. At first, results were mixed. Contrasting methods and research ‘languages’ forced the group members to set aside the first few weeks simply to listen. From this deep listening grew a rich, interdisciplinary conversation—a “spirited exchange”—in [...]

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In Focus: Donatella Galella

Donatella Galella Performing Difference, Project Lead, Faculty Commons Project, 2018-19 Casting in Color, Project Lead, CIS Conference, 2019 Donatella's Stats: Department: Theatre, Film & Digital Production Rank: Assistant Professor Years at UCR: 4 years Favorite performer: Raúl Esparza Favorite Star Trek Captain: Benjamin Sisko Top three texts to take to a desert island: If we think about texts broadly, then I would choose Sara Ahmed’s The Promise of Happiness, the entire television series Steven Universe, and the Off-Broadway cast recording of The Fortress of Solitude. Q. Summarize [...]

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A very good year for conferences

Image credit: Frank La Pena, Deer Dance Spirit Whether you love them - or love to avoid them - conferences are a time-proven way to bring academics, activists, artists and the public into conversation about research. In the last 30 years, the Center has hosted or supported over 100 conferences, in addition to many hundreds more talks and symposia. A look back at the conferences in 1991 - our first full year of public programming: Oct 1990 | Sixth Annual California Indian [...]

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In Focus: Robb Hernández

Robb Hernández Arte Público, Project Lead, Humanities Interdisciplinary Project, 2018-19 Robb's Stats: Department: English Rank: Assistant Professor Years at UCR: 7 years Favorite place: Boulder, CO (what can I say, I’m a proud hometown kid!) Favorite film that I encourage students to see: Mona Lisa Smile (Columbia Tristar, 2003) I love the way that Katherine Watson (played by Julia Roberts) is able to use the modern art and radically transform students’ perception of themselves and the world around them in 1953 Wellesley College.  Plus, the film gives an [...]

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She’s truly the colleague we all hope for

Dana Simmons has devoted her life to teaching. She is an associate professor in the department of history and has been teaching at UC Riverside for 13 years. “With very little, if any, compensation, Dana has been tireless in her efforts to advance the careers of women faculty,” said Goldberry Long, UCR professor of creative writing. “She's truly the colleague we all hope for, one who wants all colleagues to be successful.  She works on their behalf without any apparent desire for recognition or [...]

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Distinguished Guests

From its founding in 1989 through 2008, the Center hosted an all-star academic lineup of humanist scholars in its flagship program: the Distinguished Visiting Faculty Fellowships. For almost 20 years, the program invited eminent professors to host quarter-long faculty seminars on a topic of their choosing. Faculty guests and research agendas included Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak on institutional humanities pedagogy, Marxism and de-colonialism; Stanley Fish, on "Foundations Without Deity: The Structure and Dilemma of Liberal Thought"; Martha Nussbaum on the emotions; Toby Miller on "Cultural Citizenship"; [...]

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In Focus: Christina Soto van der Plas

Christina Soto van der Plas Second Project Fellow in Residence, Winter 2019 Christina's Stats: Department: Hispanic Studies Rank: Assistant Professor Years at UCR: 2 years Favorite thing: Sitting on a bench, painting the beautiful and chaotic scenery of the Port of Los Angeles at San Pedro. Top three texts to take to a desert island: ❖ The three volumes of Ricardo Piglia’s diaries which he published under the name of his alter-ego, Los diarios de Emilio Renzi. ❖ The Odyssey, of course, because I [...]

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How it All Began

Bernd Magnus, Center founding director, at a reception for faculty fellows, 1990. Thirty years ago, the university had a radical idea: an interdisciplinary, collaborative research center at Riverside that would, in the words of the Center’s founder and first director, Bernd Magnus, “build bridges not only within…but also across the humanities and social sciences.”[2] Born in 1989 out of recommendations from a Chancellor’s Task Force, in partnership with the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and funded through campus commitments and the [...]

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Happy Holidays

Warm wishes from everyone at the Center for Ideas & Society! This coming year in 2019, the Center will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary. As we move forward into the new year, we will look back at the Center's history and impact over the last 30 years. Stay tuned!

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2018 Emory Elliott Award Winner

The Center for Ideas and Society is pleased to announce that the winner of the annual Emory Elliott Book Award is Sang-Hee Lee for Close Encounters with Humankind. Please join us in congratulating Sang-Hee for her outstanding contribution to scholarship in CHASS. An award celebration will be hosted in winter 2019. Details coming soon. About the Book What can fossilized teeth tell us about the life expectancy of our ancient ancestors? How did farming play a problematic role in the history of human evolution? How [...]

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Climate change is worsening, but population control isn’t the answer

UCR News Article on upcoming Hot off the Presses speaker, Jade S. Sasser and her new book: "On Infertile Ground: Population Control and Women's Rights in the Era of Climate Change." Jade S. Sasser's new book highlights contemporary population control’s consequences for poor women in the Global South. Over the past 100 years, the popularity of population control in the United States has ebbed and flowed. Once considered a responsible way to safeguard the planet and ensure its future viability, population control [...]

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UCR professor’s American Book Award could boost other Inland authors

Author and UC Riverside Professor Rachelle Cruz gives a speech as she accepts an American Book Award on Sunday, Oct. 28. (Photo courtesy of Cati Porter, Inlandia Institute) UC Riverside Professor Rachelle Cruz accepted an American Book Award on Sunday, Oct. 28, an honor that the Inland literary community says is a milestone not just for her but also for the region. Cruz’s poetry collection, “God’s Will for Monsters,” was among 15 winners that the Before Columbus Foundation chose to recognize for  “outstanding literary achievement from [...]

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The Party of the University: The institutional memory of Hanna Gray

There is a moment in former University of Chicago President Hanna Gray’s memoir, An Academic Life (published this spring with Princeton University Press), when Gray is appointed to chair Ronald Reagan’s Task Force on the Arts and Humanities, a committee whose object was reputed to be the dismantling of the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities. Her co-chair is Charlton Heston, star of Planet of the Apes, outspoken social conservative and president of the NRA. We might expect a futile exercise in bureaucratic nihilism, but, as [...]

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Lee Explores Human Evolution in “Close Encounters With Humankind”

Photo by Jimmy Lai/ Student Photographer, CHASS Marketing & Communications "Close Encounters with Humankind" is not your typical textbook. Every chapter starts with a question. Questions can be about the birth of fatherhood, or farming, or our changing brains. "A lot of the textbooks talk about the beginning that happened billions of years ago,” Lee said, “but this book starts with a question each chapter.  Each chapter is an exploration." The questions challenge the traditional progression of evolution and provide intriguing insights [...]

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The Rise of the Promotional Intellectual

The main tasks of a professor are to teach and do research. The two sometimes vie for priority, but together they encapsulate what we expect professors to do, and they take the bulk of weight in yearly evaluations, tenure judgments, and other professional measures. Now, it seems, a new task has been added to the job: promotion. We are urged to promote our classes, our departments, our colleges, our professional organizations. More than anything, we are directed to promote ourselves. The imperative is to [...]

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The Center Receives $1 Million Grant

In a bold acknowledgment of the University of California, Riverside’s humanities programs, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded $1 million to the university’s Center for Ideas and Society. The award, which comes on the eve of the Center for Ideas and Society’s 30th anniversary in 2019, is the largest the center has ever received. It will support a series of fellowships for faculty members pursuing humanities and humanities-related scholarship, said UCR’s Georgia Warnke, center director and distinguished professor of political science. “This award [...]

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Stop Trying to Sell the Humanities

Arguments that they’re useful are wrong, anti-humanistic, and sure to backfire The humanities are taking it on the chin. If there were any doubts about this proposition, they have been dispelled by the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point’s proposal to eliminate 13 majors, including history, art, English, philosophy, sociology, political science, French, German, and Spanish. The administration cited large deficits, programs with a low enrollment, and a desire to play to its strengths — STEM subjects and training in technology. One professor of [...]

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Catherine Gudis Awarded Engaging Humanities Grant

Congratulations to Catherine Gudis (History), recipient of a UCHRI Engaging Humanities Grant for her project: Skid Row History Museum and Archives. Catherine Gudis is Director of the Public History Program at UCR and teaches classes in public history and 20th century U.S. history, building on her twin interests in modern consumer culture and cultural and urban constructions of race, space, and place. She received her B.A. in Philosophy from Smith College and Ph.D. in American Studies (with distinction) from Yale University, where she also won [...]

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UCR archaeologist’s exhibition exposes an overlooked ancient Mesoamerican society

Catharina Santasilia (UC Riverside, Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology) has been featured in Medium's latest issue. Santasilia was a participant in the Rise of Civilization in Mesoamerica Conference back in February 2018. Forget the hat and whip made famous by Indiana Jones. For a preteen Catharina E. Santasilia, her love of archaeology started with Daniel Day-Lewis. It was the actor’s star-making performance in “The Last of the Mohicans” that inspired the Denmark-born Santasilia’s lifelong interest in indigenous peoples and the things they left behind. “I’ve always [...]

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Thank you for a great year!

As the academic year draws to a close, we want to THANK YOU for your participation and support! We’re celebrating another successful year of humanities-oriented programs at UCR. Over the last 12 months, the Center sponsored… 5 conferences & workshops reaching over 360 people 8 community events with over 450 participants 9 faculty-led projects hosting 27 guest speakers 8 faculty book talks including Emory Elliott Award winner: “Miss Burma” by Charmaine Craig 24 graduate dissertation research grants PLUS co-sponsorship of events across campus on [...]

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UCHRI Awards Grants to UC Riverside Faculty & Students

Congratulations to Jody Benjamin (History), recipient of a UCHRI Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop award for his project: The Texture of Change: Cloth, Commerce and History in Western Africa, 1700–1850. Additional kudos for two UCR graduate students who have received Graduate Student Dissertation Support Grants from UCHRI: Mackenzie Gregg: Plagues that Fascinate: Literary Leprosy and Queer Affect in the Victorian Fin de Siècle Hannah Manshel: The Freedom of a Broken Law

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Stephen Sohn Receives NEH Summer Stipend

Congratulations to CIS Senior Fellow Stephen Sohn (English), recipient of a 2018 NEH Summer Stipend for his project: The Korean War (1950-53) in Poetry by Korean Americans. NEH Summer Stipends support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. The fellowship sponsors continuous full-time work on a humanities project for a period of two consecutive months. Stephen Sohn, a former University of California President’s Postdoctoral fellow (2006-2007), has edited or co-edited a number of different works and [...]

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Loubna Qutami Awarded UC Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Berkeley

Loubna Qutami (Ethnic Studies) has been awarded a UC Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Berkeley. Congratulations! Loubna, a recent recipient of a CIS Humanities Graduate Student Research award, will complete her dissertation and graduate in June. She has completed a Masters of Arts degree in the College of Ethnic Studies: Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative at San Francisco State University. Her Master’s Thesis Transnational Belonging: Palestinian Youth Searching for Home interrogates the imagined and real boundaries impacting transnational Palestinian youth movements and belonging to homeland. [...]

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Eric Stanley Awarded UC President’s Faculty Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Eric Stanley (Gender & Sexuality Studies), recipient of the 2018-19 UC President’s Faculty Research Fellowship for "Queer Remains: Race, Trans Resistance, and the Aesthetics of Violence​."  The award program, administered through UCHRI, provides UC faculty with fellowship support to carry out an extended research project in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. 

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Whose University Is It Anyway?

TOWARD THE END of his life George Orwell wrote, “By the age of 50, everyone has the face he deserves.” The same is true of societies and their universities. By the time a society reaches its prime, it has the university it deserves. We have arrived there now in Canada, in the middle age of our regime, well past our youth but not quite to our dotage. What do we see when we look into the mirror of our universities? What image do we [...]

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“Understanding what it means to be human — and why it matters”

If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be human, what our purpose is in the world, and why things happen the way they do, you’re not alone. That’s the mission of the Center for Ideas and Society at the University of California, Riverside — to encourage and nurture humanities-related inquiry and discussion. “The academic disciplines referred to as ‘the humanities’ are often seen as either indulgences or extras in a university setting, which is more likely to be associated with research and innovation [...]

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UCR’s Culver Center to Host Sweeping ‘Neo Native’ Contemporary Arts Symposium

An unprecedented four-day symposium hosted by the University of California, Riverside will spotlight Native American artists whose work explores aspects of the contemporary Native American experience. Held Nov. 1-4, “Neo Native: Toward New Mythologies” further brings to life the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts’ 40-work exhibition of the same name, which opened in June at the Alta Loma-based gallery. The exhibition, curated by Navajo painter Tony Abeyta, includes pieces from 11 contemporary artists with Native American tribal affiliations, including ceramicists, painters, [...]

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