By Dylan Rodríguez

Dear UCR colleagues, students, and staff,

It is an honor to begin my third year as Co-Director of the Center for Ideas and Society.

I am excited about the Fall 2023 schedule of events for the Decolonizing Humanism(?) programming stream, including a lecture and performance by globally renowned scholar, lawyer, and activist Dr. Ana Flauzina (UCR Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021-2023) on October 30-31 (in person) and “On Violence: Fall 2023 Experimental Study Sequence” (online). Clickable link to participate in the “On Violence” sequence is here.

I invite you and anyone who may be interested to join the “On Violence” study sequence over the course of the Fall quarter. Below this note is a list of the online study sessions for “On Violence,” featuring some of the most significant emerging and established scholars in their fields of study.

I have taken great pleasure in collaborating with faculty and students from across the UCR campus and UC system over the last couple years, especially in the context of organizing numerous co-sponsored roundtables, lectures, panels, and experimental activities through the Decolonizing Humanism(?) programming stream. A few recent examples of these collaborations include Collective Escape: Trans Worldmaking Against Catastrophic Violence, The Inedible Plate: On Caste, Race, and Food Politics, Disability Justice, Reproductive Justice, and Sexual Agency, Spirituality and Abolition, and Black Liberation and Revolutionary Struggle NOW: A Roundtable Conversation with Sekou Odinga.

I look forward to seeing you at upcoming CIS events in the coming days!