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Funding Calls

The Center provides funding for UCR faculty and students through our annual calls for projects. Award amounts and call formats vary from year to year. The Center also provides administrative and logistical support for funded projects. (See our ‘Services’ page for more details.)

Program Name Eligibility Deadline
Mellon Humanities Professorships Faculty February 4, 2019
(re)draft: Dialogue and Revision Workshop Grants Faculty February 25, 2019
Humanities Interdisciplinary Project (HIP) Awards
Faculty February 25, 2019
Conference Awards Faculty February 25, 2019
Humanities Graduate Student Research Grants Graduate Students February 25, 2019
Event Co-sponsorship Open Ongoing

The UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) at UC Irvine

As a grantmaking organization, UCHRI primarily funds UC faculty and graduate students who participate in innovative research and projects that engage a variety of disciplines and stakeholders. Funding opportunities include faculty fellowship, multi-campus working groups, graduate student dissertation support and much more.

The Center for Ideas and Society works in conjunction with UCHRI to develop and promote humanities projects through the UC Humanities Network. To enable partnerships with local centers, UCHRI allows a small precentage of the project budget to be allocated to the center for administration of collabortive projects. Contact Katharine at for more information.

Contact these CHASS partners for the support you need. We want you to succeed!

  • The Center can serve as a partner on interdisciplinary project development as well as pre- and post-award administration. If you feel your proposal would benefit from a collaboration with the Center and/or you would like to host your project in our facilities, contact Katharine at
  • The CHASS Contract & Grants (C&G) Unit exists to help CHASS faculty pursue and apply for grants.  Whether responding to a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) from a federal agency, a private or corporate foundation, the UC’s own Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI), or one of UCR’s internal funding mechanisms, including your assigned C&G analyst and grant writer will improve your chances of success. Your C&G analyst can facilitate planning project budgets, help insure compliance with a funder’s RFP, and assist with submission of the internal electronic Campus Approval Form (eCAF) and any external proposal submissions to funding agencies. Your C&G grant writer can discuss research directions, help identify funders and potential collaborators, discuss project timeline(s), facilitate team meetings and provide review/editorial comments toward a more compliant and competitive proposal.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop a more competitive proposal by accessing your C&G team!

Links to external funding calls for humanities research.

* The Center for Ideas and Society collaborates with the UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) to develop and promote humanities projects through the UC Humanities Network. Select UCHRI grants allow up to 15% of the project budget to be allocated to the local humanities center or department for administrative support.

If you would like to discuss how CIS can support your project, please contact Katharine at