The Center provides funding for UCR faculty and students through our annual calls for projects. Award amounts and call formats vary from year to year.

Program Name Eligibility Deadline
Workshop, Symposia & Conference Awards UCR Faculty January 11, 2020 *Extended*
Humanities Graduate Student Research Grants CHASS Graduate Students February 8, 2021
Mellon Faculty Fellowships CHASS Faculty February 8, 2021
Interdisciplinary Working Group Awards CHASS Faculty April 6, 2021
Project Development Workshops CHASS Faculty Quarterly
Academic Book Clubs CHASS Faculty and Graduate Students Quarterly
Research Writing Groups CHASS Faculty and Graduate Students Quarterly
Hot off the Presses Book Talks CHASS Faculty On-going
Event Co-sponsorship Open On-going
UC Humanities Research Institute  CHASS Faculty and Graduate Students Various
Emory Elliott Book Awards Submission Deadline CHASS Faculty Closed

External funding calls for humanities research can be found at:

In some cases, the Center may provide administrative and logistical support for externally funded projects.
If you would like to discuss how CIS can support your project, please contact Katharine at katharine.henshaw@ucr.edu.