In December 2013, the Center relocated to College Building South (CBS) on the UC Riverside campus. The historic structure, built in the early 1900, was originally home to the Director of the Citrus Station. Over the years, the building has housed the CHASS Dean’s office and various campus research centers.

In April 2022, CIS suspended activity in CBS. The Center will reopen in Fall 2022 in a temporary new location on the third floor of College Building North.

Stonehaven Apartments

To support a long-term visiting humanities researcher (post-docs, visiting faculty, fellowships, etc) at UC Riverside, the campus provides a furnished apartment at Stonehaven Apartments free of charge for one full academic year. Administration of the scholar’s trip and faculty sponsorship must be coordinated through CHASS departments. In addition to the apartment, the Center can provide an office for the scholar and the use of conference rooms for meetings or a public research lecture.

There is only one apartment available so we encourage you to place your requests well ahead of time. We will maintain a waitlist for up to three years.