Conference Awards

¡Que Viva Mexico! – Transnational Film and Audiovisual Art
Paulo Chagas (Music)
Nikolay Maslov (Culver Center of the Arts)

Co-Productions: Literature, Media and Diaspora in the Japanese Transpacific
Anne McKnight (Comparative Literature)
John Kim (Comparative Literature)
Setsu Shigematsu (Media & Cultural Studies)
Traise Yamamoto (English)
Catherine Gudis (History)

(Re)Draft Manuscript Revision Workshops

Undocumented Desires: Fantasies of Latino Male Sexuality
Richard Rodriguez (Media & Cultural Studies)

The ‘Falls’ of Rome: Transformations of the City in Late Antiquity (270-603 CE)
Michele Salzman (History)

Interdisciplinary Working Group Awards

Global 19th Century
Susan Zieger (English)
Jonathan Eacott (History)
Heidi Brevik-Zender (Comparative Literature/French)
Fatima Quaraishi (History of Art)

Making Space: Emerging Theories and Interventions in Critical Anti-Violence Research
Alisa Bierria  (Ethnic Studies)
Andrea Smith (Ethnic Studies)

Retaining and Promoting Diverse Faculty: Intellectual Engagement and the Second Book Project
Victoria Reyes (Sociology)
Jade Sasser (Gender & Sexuality Studies)

Political Economy Seminar
Jana Grittersova (Political Science)
Matthew Mahutga (Sociology)