In Focus: Matthew Mahutga

Matthew Mahutga
Co-Lead, 2018-19 Political Economy Seminars and the Globalization, Populism and the International Order Symposium

Department: Sociology
Rank: Associate Professor
Years at UCR: 10+
Favorite thing: My favorite past-time is just about anything on the Central California coast.
Fishing, hiking, food and wine are right at the top!
Text I would take to […]

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In Focus: Anthony Jerry

Anthony Jerry
Convener, Blackness Unbound, Faculty Commons Project

Anthony’s Stats

Department: Anthropology
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 3

Q.  Summarize your research in one sentence: 

My work seeks to […]

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The Future of the Academy, One Student at Time

“The Center for Ideas and Society has created, and sustains, an environment for critical inquiry, collaboration, and scholarship. Their research funding, and support of graduate student working groups fosters stronger interdisciplinary and multi-campus collaboration…. The Center created an environment of inquiry, learning, and collaboration during my graduate studies at UCR.” ~Dr. Daisy Vargas […]

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In Focus: Farah Godrej

Farah Godrej
Senior Fellow, Center for Ideas and Society, 2017-2020

Department: Political Science
Rank: Associate Professor
Years at UCR: 12
Favorite places:  Walking the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, or strolling the coast along the Pacific Ocean.  Staring at nature, whether in the form of plants, trees, fauna, or water, is a crucially […]

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2019-20 Mellon Humanities Fellows

Introducing the 2019-20 Mellon Humanities Fellows at the Center for Ideas and Society.
Please join us in congratulating our colleagues who have received a year-long residency fellowship at the Center.

David Biggs

Over the next […]

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In Focus: Stephen Sohn

Stephen Sohn
Senior Fellow, Center for Ideas and Society, 2017-2020
Mellon Term Professor 2019-2020

Stephen’s Stats:
Department: English
Rank: Professor
Years at UCR: 5 years
Favorite sport: Tennis
Current favorite television show: Killing Eve and The Good Place (tie)
Preferred desserts: Anything custard based!
The text I cannot do without: […]

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Leading the Way

Over the course of 30 years, the Center’s faculty directors have inspired new initiatives and opportunities for research through their vision, intellectual generosity and commitment to service.

In the late 1980’s, Bernd Magnus envisioned a Humanities Center with what was at the time a new and innovative […]

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In Focus: Jade Sasser

Jade Sasser
African Studies Workgroup, Co-organizer, Humanities Interdisciplinary Project, 2018-19

Jade’s Stats:
Gender & Sexuality Studies
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 5 years
Favorite things: Swimming, coffeeshops, and karaoke
Non-academic class I would love to teach: “Motown Music for Beginners”
Top three most important texts: Feminist Political Ecology (Rocheleau, et al.); Gender and Climate Change (Nagel); and […]

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A Spirited Exchange of Ideas

In 1990, the Center’s Resident Faculty Program sponsored three, quarter-long faculty groups the members of which, relieved of teaching for the quarter, met each week with an ambitious plan: to pursue their own research alongside a collective, interdisciplinary agenda. The first year, eighteen scholars attempted to do just that.

At first, results were mixed. Contrasting methods […]

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In Focus: Donatella Galella

Donatella Galella
Performing Difference, Project Lead, Faculty Commons Project, 2018-19
Casting in Color, Project Lead, CIS Conference, 2019

Donatella’s Stats:

Department: Theatre, Film & Digital Production
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 4 years
Favorite […]

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A very good year for conferences

Image credit: Frank La Pena, Deer Dance Spirit

Whether you love them – or love to avoid them – conferences are a time-proven way to bring academics, activists, artists and the public into conversation about research. In the last 30 years, the Center has hosted or supported over […]

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In Focus: Robb Hernández

Robb Hernández
Arte Público, Project Lead, Humanities Interdisciplinary Project, 2018-19

Robb’s Stats:
Department: English
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 7 years
Favorite place: Boulder, CO (what can I say, I’m a proud hometown kid!)
Favorite film that I encourage students to see: Mona Lisa Smile (Columbia Tristar, 2003) I love the way that Katherine Watson (played by Julia Roberts) is able to use […]

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Distinguished Guests

From its founding in 1989 through 2008, the Center hosted an all-star academic lineup of humanist scholars in its flagship program: the Distinguished Visiting Faculty Fellowships. For almost 20 years, the program invited eminent professors to host quarter-long faculty seminars on a topic of their choosing. Faculty guests and research agendas included Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak […]

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In Focus: Christina Soto van der Plas

Christina Soto van der Plas
Second Project Fellow in Residence, Winter 2019

Christina’s Stats:
Department: Hispanic Studies
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 2 years
Favorite thing: Sitting on a bench, painting the beautiful and chaotic scenery of the Port of Los Angeles at San Pedro.
Top three texts to take to a desert island:

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How it All Began

Bernd Magnus, Center founding director, at a reception for faculty fellows, 1990.

Thirty years ago, the university had a radical idea: an interdisciplinary, collaborative research center at Riverside that would, in the words of the Center’s founder and first director, Bernd Magnus, “build bridges not only within…but […]

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