In Focus: Robb Hernández

Robb Hernández
Arte Público, Project Lead, Humanities Interdisciplinary Project, 2018-19

Robb’s Stats:
Department: English
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 7 years
Favorite place: Boulder, CO (what can I say, I’m a proud hometown kid!)
Favorite film that I encourage students to see: Mona Lisa Smile (Columbia Tristar, 2003) I love the way that Katherine Watson (played by Julia Roberts) is able to use […]

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Distinguished Guests

From its founding in 1989 through 2008, the Center hosted an all-star academic lineup of humanist scholars in its flagship program: the Distinguished Visiting Faculty Fellowships. For almost 20 years, the program invited eminent professors to host quarter-long faculty seminars on a topic of their choosing. Faculty guests and research agendas included Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak […]

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In Focus: Christina Soto van der Plas

Christina Soto van der Plas
Second Project Fellow in Residence, Winter 2019

Christina’s Stats:
Department: Hispanic Studies
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 2 years
Favorite thing: Sitting on a bench, painting the beautiful and chaotic scenery of the Port of Los Angeles at San Pedro.
Top three texts to take to a desert island:

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How it All Began

Bernd Magnus, Center founding director, at a reception for faculty fellows, 1990.

Thirty years ago, the university had a radical idea: an interdisciplinary, collaborative research center at Riverside that would, in the words of the Center’s founder and first director, Bernd Magnus, “build bridges not only within…but […]

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