Established in 1989, the Center for Ideas and Society is an interdisciplinary research support center dedicated to advancing humanistic studies and creativity at UC Riverside. Our fellowships, research workshops and public events strengthen the intellectual and creative life of the university. We are committed to disseminating the results of these projects to the Riverside community and beyond.

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While individual scholarship from within established disciplines is vitally important, we believe new understandings, critical perspectives, and collective creativity also result from collaboration—across departmental or disciplinary divides, between colleges and community partners, and among varied and different groups of scholars.

The Center supports projects that reflect this interdisciplinary approach.

The humanities, arts, and humanistically-oriented social sciences are academic disciplines and activities that illuminate the ways in which human beings create and explore a distinctly human life.

Though the work of the humanities is often dismissed as a luxury (or as irrelevant) to a world oriented to advances in technology, science or medicine, the questions and issues humanities scholars pursue are the essentially human questions that motivate and give context to technological, medical or scientific innovation: Who are we? How did we get here? What do we value? What will the future hold?

Through the study of human civilizations, texts, languages, arts, and belief systems, humanistically-oriented researchers examine our practices, activities and attempts at meaning-making and try to understand who we are as humans and what we might become.

At the Center for Ideas and Society, our goal is to bring the humanities disciplines into dialogue with one another, with the STEM fields, and with the surrounding community.

We pursue our mission by providing funding for research teams, faculty fellowships, graduate student researchers and campus events. We also provide administrative support for new initiatives or college projects to allow scholars to focus on their research, rather than policies and procedures.

In addition to hosting scholars and writing groups, we fund and promote public humanities events such as conferences, lectures, round-table discussions, and performances.

The Center for Ideas & Society partners with the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences’ Dean’s office, college departments, and other university colleges and programs to create collaborative, innovative projects with strong humanities components. We are funded through the college, the UC Humanities Network, grants, and private donations.

The Center is also part of the larger community of centers in California and across the US. Within the UC system, the UC Humanities Network supports excellence in humanities research through an interdisciplinary network of scholars, humanities centers, and multi-campus research groups across the University of California. Click the links below to learn more about centers on other UC campuses as well as other local and international programs.

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