Emory Elliott Book Awards

What: Book award, book talk and reception, and $500 prize
Who: CHASS Faculty
When: Submission deadline is September 30, 2022

Nominations and self-nominations from CHASS faculty are accepted through the beginning of fall quarter each year for books published in the preceding academic year. (Ex. A book published between July 2021 and June 2022 is eligible for the 2022 award if submitted by the deadline.)

How to submit

Confirm that the publication date of the book falls within the eligible time period and email nominations or self-nominations to CIS@ucr.edu. Include Author, Book Title, Publisher, and Date of Publication.

Along with your nomination, please provide a scanned PDF copy of the book for use during committee review. (To prevent unauthorized distribution, the PDF will be shared only among committee members and will not be saved after review.) If you do not already have a scanned copy, please ask your publisher to provide one for award nomination purposes and let us know if you are having difficulties.

About Emory Elliott Book Awards

Made possible by gifts from Emory’s family and friends, the Emory Elliott Book Award honors the book published by a CHASS faculty member during the previous academic year that, in the judgment of the selection committee, best exemplifies the values that characterized Professor Elliott and his contributions to life and letters.

Among these many contributions are the capacity to recognize complexity together with the passion to clarify, the ability to contribute to a conversation rather than to summarize agreements already established, and the intent to further a tradition of creative and scholarly munificence.

Learn more about the award on our Programs page.