Global British & Anglophone Studies

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This group is committed to the interdisciplinary studies of British and Global Anglophone Studies from the late seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries. Contemporary British and Global Anglophone Studies puts the long historical past of its topic in dialogue with present-day concerns. The disciplines are deeply intertwined, such that the objects of study can only be fully understood by placing the two fields in relation to each other.


Malcolm Baker, Art History
Thomas Cogswell, History
Adriana Craciun, English
Jonathan Eacott, History
George Haggerty, English
Emma Stapely, English
Susan Zieger, English

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This project is funded by a Humanities Interdisciplinary Projects (HIP) Award. The Center’s annual HIP Awards support projects of varying format and focus in the humanities fields or cross-college collaborations with a humanities emphasis. The Center’s Advisory Committee seeks to fund interdisciplinary work across the academic community with potential appeal to a wider public audience. Examples of projects HIP awards may support include, but are not limited to, seed funding for larger grant proposals, cross-college and cross-school collaborations and workshops, conferences, symposia, and public lectures.