Graduate Student Collaborative Research Awards

The Center’s Collaborative Research Awards provide funding for graduate students to conduct reading groups, invite speakers to campus, and/or other creative projects that incorporate collaborative, interdisciplinary exploration.

2015-16 Awards

Articul@s Autonm@s

Articul@s Autonm@s  (Autonomous Articles/Articulations) is a group of scholars interested in promoting interdisciplinary, transnational, and critical theoretical interventions in the study of history. Though the core participants of this group belong to the department of History, our respective scholarly work engages with multidisciplinary topics and methodological approaches. Our name represents our engagement as a critical historical reading group, as well as our commitment to build and create interdisciplinary and intersectional historical scholarship.

Through a series of monthly  meetings (including workshops, roundtable discussions, and thematic panels), participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussion of pre-circulated articles and reading materials. Meetings will provide safe and supportive spaces to present current research to peers who can provide and encourage critical and innovative approaches to their fields.  Additionally, we plan to invite scholars with expertise in various fields to contribute to our discussions on critical historical methods. Meetings will be focused on a specific theoretical or pedagogical frame, including:
  • Critical methodologies: oral history and ethnographic methods
  • Borderland Studies
  • Critical Ethnic Studies
  • Native Studies
  • Postcolonialism
  • Subaltern Studies
  • Transborder/Transnational Studies


David Chavez
R. Gabriel Flores
Blanca Nunez
Daisy Ocampo
Meranda Roberts
Daisy Vargas
Sarah Wolk

For more information, contact the group coordinator, Daisy Ocampo.