Intersections of Art, Technology and Society

This new project will host a series of six talks and/or workshops in 2017-18 with guest scholars and artists for investigating interdisciplinary connections between the arts, technology, and society. By examining the influence of technology on how we think and what we create, the project aims to extend existing scholarship at UCR and to explore new methodologies and new kinds of research questions in the context of digital humanities. The idea of practice-based research and the emergence of entirely new fields of scholarship and artistic creation result in significant changes on how concepts are formulated in disciplines of the humanities. The speakers/presenters are contemporary scholars and artists engaging cutting-edge research on technology in their own work and collaborative environment, including a scholar on body/media technologies, a choreographer, a visual/digital media artist, a composer/digital sound scholar, an author/game designer and a performer/theater director. The talks/workshops will be organized in collaboration with the departments of Dance, Theater/Film/Digital Production, Art History, Media and Cultural Studies and Music, aiming to interact with ongoing research from faculty and students, and addressing specific needs of the departments. The overall goal of the project is to promote collaboration and the development of interdisciplinary research at UCR that critically inquires the relevance of various technologies in artistic scholarship and creation.


November 1, 2017: Harmony Bench
On the Rails: A data visualization approach to 20th century dance touring

January 24, 2018: Matthew McCray
Media in Performance Workshop

April 21, 2018: Chris Chafe & Scott Oshiro
Online Jammin’

April 30, 2018: Grisha Coleman
Listening as the Land Talks Back

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Paulo C. Chagas (Music)
Jeanette Kohl (Art History)
Erith Jaffe-Berg (Theater, Film, and Digital Production)
Anthea Kraut (Dance)
Linda Tomko (Dance)
Taisha Paggett (Dance)

This project is funded by a Humanities Interdisciplinary Projects (HIP) Award. The Center’s annual HIP Awards support projects of varying format and focus in the humanities fields or cross-college collaborations with a humanities emphasis. The Center’s Advisory Committee seeks to fund interdisciplinary work across the academic community with potential appeal to a wider public audience. Examples of projects HIP awards may support include, but are not limited to, seed funding for larger grant proposals, cross-college and cross-school collaborations and workshops, conferences, symposia, and public lectures.