2015 Comics & Medicine Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors:

Co-Host and Signature Sponsor

The Center for Ideas and Society is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to advancing humanistic studies and creativity at UC Riverside. The Center’s fellowships, research workshops and public events strengthen the intellectual and creative life of the university. The Center is committed to disseminating the results of its programs to the Riverside community and beyond. The Center also houses the Institute for the Study of Immigrant Religions and the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship program.

Co-Host and Signature Sponsor

University of California, Riverside, has recently brought together its three premier art institutions to create a new cultural complex: UCR ARTSblock. ARTSblock is composed of the California Museum of Photography, the Sweeney Art Gallery, and the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts. Located on a single block in adjacent historical buildings in downtown Riverside, easily accessible to the public as well as the campus, ARTSblock’s mission is to provide a cultural presence, educational resource, community center and intellectual meeting ground for the university and the community.

Signature Sponsor & Sponsor of Carol Tyler and Justin Green

Funding for the Lemelson/SPA student fellowships and conference funds is made possible by a generous gift from the Robert Lemelson Foundation. The Society for Psychological Anthropology (SPA) of the American Anthropological Association was founded in 1977. SPA is a broad, multidisciplinary organization of individuals interested in cultural, psychological, and social interrelations at all levels.

APGF logo
e Sponsor & Sponsor of Carol Tyler and Jared Gardner

The sponsorship for Carol Tyler and Jared Gardner was made possible with a grant from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. The Arnold P. Gold Foundation works with healthcare professionals in training and in practice to instill a culture of respect, dignity and compassion for patients and professionals. The Foundation is a public, 501 [c] [3] not-for-profit organization, established in 1988 by Arnold Gold, MD, Sandra Gold, EdD and their colleagues at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York.

Keynote Sponsor for Carol Tyler an
d Justin Green

The Vesalius Trust for Visual Communication in the Health Sciences was incorporated as a non-profit public foundation in 1988. Established under the direction of the Board of Governors of the Association of Medical Illustrators, a professional organization of medically-trained visual communicators, the Trust strives to develop and support education and research programs in the field of health science communications.

Sponsor of the Conference Reception, Thurs July 16

As the publishing arm of the Pennsylvania State University and a division of the Penn State University Libraries and Scholarly Communications, Penn State University Press is dedicated to serving the University community, the citizens of Pennsylvania, and scholars worldwide by publishing books and journals of the highest quality. The Press promotes the advance of scholarship by disseminating knowledge—new information, interpretations, methods of analysis—with an emphasis on core fields of the humanities and social sciences. Graphic Medicine is an exciting new book series from Penn State Press.

Keynote Sponsor for Steven Keewatin Sanderson

The mission of the UCR School of Medicine is to improve the health of the people of California and, especially, to serve Inland Southern California by training a diverse workforce of physicians and by developing innovative research and health care delivery programs that will improve the health of the medically underserved in the region and become models to be emulated throughout the state and nation.

Sponsor for continental breakfasts

The anthropology major at California State University San Marcos is an applied, collaborative, and interdisciplinary course of study that engages students directly with the interests and efforts of local communities. The anthropology major takes into primary consideration the special role of Cal State San Marcos in the north San Diego county region and the opportunities for community-based research and fieldwork. CSUSM anthropology students gain hands-on field research experience through participation in long-term and on-going research among some of San Diego County’s diverse communities.

UCR Graduate Division

Support through Conference Scholarships

The graduate programs offered by the University of California, Riverside attract some of the great minds in the sciences and arts, incubating new ideas, contributing to the local quality of life and educating the future leaders of California. UC Riverside is a place where bold ideas flourish, where people from different walks of life come together to pursue their interests and their dreams. The University offers its students and faculty the support, resources and inspiration to explore, discover and contribute new knowledge and the opportunity to go on to lead fulfilling, relevant careers and rewarding lives as citizens and leaders.

graphicmedicinetransparentWeb Host & Promotion

Graphic Medicine is a site that explores the interaction between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare. You’ll find a growing collection of comic reviews, articles, podcasts, links, and coverage of our international Comics and Medicine Conferences. We encourage participation by anyone involved with comics and medicine.

Tomás Rivera Endowed Chair

Tiffany Ana López, professor of theater, is the Tomás Rivera Chair in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.  Tomás Rivera (1935 – 1984) holds the distinction of being the youngest as well as both the first minority and the first Chicano Chancellor of the University of California with his appointment here at UC Riverside. He was among the first generation of Chicano scholars to obtain a PhD, enter the professoriate, and embrace the work of administrative leadership. Rivera also produced a significant body of creative work that distinguishes him as a foundational voice in Chicana/o literature. In speeches, he invoked the phrase “civic morality” to convey his believe that we have a responsibility to actively serve the community as ambassadors of knowledge. Because of Rivera’s own evolution, growing up a child migrant farmworker and becoming Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside (1979-1984), as well as a foundational poet (The Searchers) and novelist (And the earth did not devour him), he understood in a very profound way how education has the power to transform individuals and society. In graduation speeches, Rivera often advised, “It is your responsibility to build and maintain a community wherever you are. Let that be your mark as an educated person.”

UCR Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies crosses traditional academic disciplines and studies the world’s diverse cultures to investigate such topics as the roles of women in developing countries and in migration; the ways gender interacts with race, ethnicity, and class; women and culture; how gender categories operate in our own and other societies; the history of sex and sexuality; and new directions in feminist theory.

Sphinx Comics

Sphinx Comics sells comic books and collectibles, a wide range of products such as action figures, the entire line of new Marvel and DC Comic books, Sports action figures, board games, supplies and a wide variety of gaming cards.

California Center for Native Nations
Rupert Costo Endowment

The California Center for Native Nations initiates, facilitates, and executes research by, about, and with American Indian people with a strong focus on California Native Nations. The center is dedicated to preserving the history, culture, language, and sovereignty of California’s First Nations through exemplary research.  The center also serves tribes by connecting them with the expertise found within the University of California to solve research problems unique to Native nations.  The center focuses on unique and innovative research that leads to new interpretations that will influence the course of American Indian Studies.