2015 Comics & Medicine Conference


A collection of thoughts, reflections, and resources on the 2015 Comics & Medicine Conference. Do you have a resource you would like to contribute? Please email jessica.salas@ucr.edu.

Graphic Medicine Podcast

Episode 1: Graphic Medicine Practice and Community” with Brian Fies

Episode 2: Graphic Medicine Manifesto Discussion Panel

Photo Gallery

Event photos of the 3 day event taken by the Center for Ideas and Society.

Brian Fies

Brian Fies’ blog post on the 2015 Comics & Medicine Conference complete with a “photo essay, interspersed with essay essays.”

Storify of Tweets

Twitter stream of the 2015 Comics & Medicine Conference created by @ComicNurse.

Jared Gardner’s Keynote

Jared Garder’s keynote address, “Beyond Metaphor,” in serial fashion.

Liesl Swogger

 Liesl Swogger’s blog post with highlights of the 2015 Comics and Medicine Conference.
Lorenzo Servitje’s blog post from “Wing of Zock,” the Association of American Medical Colleges Innovation Blog.