Image credit: Frank La Pena, Deer Dance Spirit

Whether you love them – or love to avoid them – conferences are a time-proven way to bring academics, activists, artists and the public into conversation about research. In the last 30 years, the Center has hosted or supported over 100 conferences, in addition to many hundreds more talks and symposia.

A look back at the conferences in 1991 – our first full year of public programming:

Oct 1990 | Sixth Annual California Indian Conference: Over 40 speakers, multiple panelists and respondents and more than 700 attendees responded to the theme of  “Tradition and Change.”

Feb 1990 | Scepticism in the History of Philosophy: A Pan-American Dialogue: A bevy of philosophers took a deep dive into the sceptic tendencies of early philosophical writers.

Feb 1991 | 14th Annual Writer’s Week: Joyce Carol Oates was the headliner for this instance of the wildly successful and still on-going series, now in it’s 42nd year at UCR.

May 1990 | Unauthorized Sexual Behaviors: History, Literature, Theory: This gathering highlighted the impact of sexual mores and prejudice and explored how bodies and desire have been configured throughout history.

The variety of themes and methods in that first year of conferences demonstrates in a nutshell the broad range of creative, interdisciplinary projects we continue to support.

Download a complete list of our conferences. Are we missing a conference on our list? Let us know! 

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