Humanities Graduate Student Research Awards

The Humanities Graduate Student Research Grants assist graduate students involved in original research or creative projects in the humanities. Awarded funds are primarily intended for research proposals related to dissertation or MFA work, though other projects are considered as funds permit.

The award process is competitive. Applications are collected each fall and announced the following spring. Projects are judged according to intellectual merit, faculty support and justification for the proposal as it relates to completion of the dissertation or MFA project.

The Humanities GSR Awards are sponsored by UCR Graduate Division, the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and the Center for Ideas and Society.

We congratulate the following award winners:


Corey  Blake, Ethnomusicology
Miranda Butler, English
Jennifer Coons, Psychology
Ricardo Crespo, Political Science
Theresa Goldbach, Critical Dance Studies
Christina Gregory, Political Science
Shelley Guyton, Anthropology
Kristen Hayashi, History
Amy Hough, Comp Literature
Jaclyn Howerton, Musicology
Rachel Howerton, Music
Elizabeth Hughes, Sociology


Angelica Camacho, Ethnic Studies
Samuel Fullerton, History
Dalia Gomez, Hispanic Studies
Linda Hall, Anthropology
Theresa Heindel, Anthropology
Simon Lee, English
Monique Mansour, Creative Writing
Elizabeth McDonald, Music
Dhiren Pannikker, Music
Lorenzo Servitje, English
Wei-Chi Wu, Critical Dance


Steve Anderson, History
Sonia Crasnow, Religious Studies
Ricardo Crespo, Political Science
Lisa DeLance, Anthropology
Melanie Masterton, English
Kara Miller, Anthropology
Meghan Quinlan, Dance
Anthony Rasmussen, Music
Nicolette Rohr, History
Arianne Schutz, Anthropology
Amanda Sharick, English
Jennifer Thorton, History
Heather VanMouwerik, History
Carolyn Schutten, History


Joshua Brown, Music
Rachel Carrico, Dance
Nicole Defrancisco, Anthropology
Carlos Dimas, History
Kirby Farah, Anthropology
Russell Fehr, History
Kimberly Hall, English
Marcus Renner, CWPA
Matthew Rivera, History
Andrew Turner, Anthropology
Thomas Yanni, History
Jon Spenard, Anthropology


Sheetal Bharat, Economics
Szu-Ching Chang, Dance
Jessica Dellecave, Dance
Dominique Garcia, History of Art
Loribeth Gregory, Music
John Gust, Anthropology
Susan Hall, History
Neal Matherne, Music
Alison Minami, Creative Writing
Alyson Payne, Music
Justin Reed, History

Eric Johns, Musicology
Joshua Lieto, Anthropology
Shaun Miller, Creative Writing
JoeAnn Nguyen, Education
Loubna Qutami, Ethnic Studies
Samantha Reid, Creative Writing
Carlotta Robinson, History of Art
Patrick Rohrer, Anthropology
Sharon Rushing, Anthropology
Arianne Schulz, Anthropology
Kevin Sliwoski, Ethnomusicology
Kacie Wills, English


Kai Hang Cheang, English
Lisa Delance, Anthropology
Gloria Gonzales, Comp Lit
Shelley Guyton, Anthropology
Jared Katz,  Anthropology
Angel Gonzalez Lopez, Anthropology
Chi Pham, Comp Lit
Emily Pryor, Hispanic Studies
Megan Suster, History
Jennifer Talerico-Brown, Grad School Education
Lee Singh, Crit Dance Study


Kathryn Alexander, Music
Jennifer Aubrecht, Dance
Jeno Kim, History
Leanna McLaughlin, History
Kara Miller, Anthropology
Patrick O’Neil, History
Chi Pham, Comp Lit
Daniel Razzari, History
Amanda Rudd, Creative Writing
Carolyn Schutten, History
Erica Seigel, Music
Mark Young, English


Sangwoo Ha, Dance
Kendall Loyer, Dance
Lindsey Timmons (Summers), Dance
Brian Fox, Hispanic Studies
Russell Skelchy, Music – Ethnomusicology
Charles Townsend, Religious Studies
Giulia Hoffman, English
Seth Archer, History
Emily Pfiefer, History
Jon Spenard, Anthropology


Meghan Andrew, Anthropology
Michelle Butler, Anthropology
Ching-In Chen, Creative Writing
Jie Tian, Creative Writing
Anne Mazzocca, Dance
Tim Rubel, Dance
Melissa Templeton, Dance
Laura Vriend, Dance
Robert Miller, History
Jacqueline Avila, Music
Jacob Rekedal, Music
Christopher Franklin, Philosophy
Patrick Todd, Philosophy
Erin Smith, Philosophy