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The next installment of our thought-provoking Dueling Disciplines series will be on yoga! Is yoga a spiritual practice, beneficial exercise, or ?? Farah Godrej (Political Science), Amanda Lucia (Religious Studies) and Jacqueline Shea Murphy (Dance) Moderated by Jennifer Hughes, (History) will discuss overlapping and sometimes contradictory perspectives on yoga as a religious practice, healthful exercise, or both. Join us for this fun and engaging event and learn about the different academic perspectives on YOGA!

The Dueling Disciplines series offers alternating disciplinary perspectives on a popular subject or theme. Faculty members and graduate students from ‘opposing’ theoretical viewpoints present ways to think about topics such as God, university education, or urbanism. The resulting ‘Duel’ is lighthearted and fun (for example, opposing ‘teams’ in the audience are invited to wave flags and cheer) without sacrificing academic rigor or respect.

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