Faculty Commons: Graduate Student Research Conference

June 9, 2021
Virtual Event

Description: Sponsored by the working groups of the Faculty Commons Project, this virtual conference features presentations from graduate students affiliated with the project with the aim of developing and promoting emerging scholarship. Panels and Q & A sessions will be moderated by working group faculty. The Zoom panels will be recorded and shared for asynchronous participation.

Panel 1: “Narratives for Healing and Justice” | 9 – 10:05 am | Register


Evan Duncan, English (Performing Difference)
‘You’re Not Ready to Be—’: Lorraine Hansberry and Les Blancs

Rosalia Lerner, Dance (Performing Difference)
When “Get Well Soon!” is Not an Option: Sick-bodied Performance as an Alternative Ontology in Johanna Hedva’s “Sick Witch”

Nancy Naranjo Garcia,
Hispanic Studies (Latinx and Latin American Studies)
Critical soundscapes in Contemporary Filmmaking by women in Mexico


Iván Aguirre (Hispanic Studies)

Donatella Galella (Theatre, Film and Digital Production)


Panel 2: “Embodied Knowledge” | 10:10 – 11:15 am | Register


Cuauhtémoc Peranda, Dance (Latinx and Latin American Studies)
Two-Spirit Voguing & Critical Spectatorship               

Kyrié Owen, Creative Writing (Reclamation and Native American Communities)  
Narrative Medicine Through an Indigenous Ideology


Anthea Kraut (Dance)

Chikako Takeshita (Gender & Sexuality Studies)


Panel 3: “The Violence of Power” | 11:25 am – 12:45 pm | Register


Brianna Simmons, Anthropology (Inequities in Health)
Care, Death and Detention in the Wake of the Medical Insurance Complex in Kisumu, Kenya

Cinthya Martinez, Ethnic Studies (Latinx and Latin American Studies)
ICE-ing the Body: Sexual Violence and the (Un)making of the Human through Reform

Daniel Archuleta, History (Reclamation and Native American Communities)
Drunken and Dizzy: Toward an O’odham Erotic of Sex, Drugs and Ceremony


Cliff Trafzer (History)

Wesley Leonard (Ethnic Studies)


Panel 4: “Environments / Communities” | 2:00 – 3:20 PM | Register


Grecia Perez, Anthropology (Latinx and Latin American Studies)
Antiblackness flowing down the river in Mexico’s Costa Chica region

Alan Malfavón, History (Latinx and Latin American Studies)
Kin of the Leeward Port: Afro-Mexicans in Veracruz in the Making of State Formation, Contested Spaces, and Regional Development, 1770-1830

Sara Bruene, Sociology (Inequities in Health)
The Relation of Grocery Delivery Services to Food Insecure Neighborhoods: A GIS approach to Californian food deserts

Sahar Foruzan,  Anthropology (Inequities in Health)
Cultural politics in restoration, water, and particulate matter      


Jorge Leal (History)

Xóchitl Chávez (Music)


Panel 5: “Communication and Care” | 3:30 – 4:50 PM | Register


Melissa Mallon, Hispanic Studies (Latinx and Latin American Studies)
Authentic Materials for Language Learning: A Critical Antiracist Approach

Jessica Gutierrez Masini, Music (Performing Difference)
Doing Research “in a Good Way”: Decolonizing the Group Interview through Talking Circles

Gabriela Ortiz, Anthropology (Inequities in Health)
Platicas as Public Health Through Online Engagement

Joshua Liashenko, Anthropology (Inequities in Health)
Gender-Affirming Care from a Distance: Perspectives on Telehealth among Trans and Non-Binary Therapists in Southern California


Claudia Holguín Mendoza (Hispanic Studies)

Dana Simmons (History)