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Guilherme Bertissolo & Lia Sfoggia (Brazil)
The event features a new work by Brazilian composer Guilherme Bertissolo and dancer Lia Sfoggia inspired by the universe of Capoeira, a combination of dance and martial arts that has been developed in Brazil by West African slaves and its descendants and has been exported all over the world. Capoeira has a symbolic meaning as a practice of resistance and emancipation from social and cultural oppression (In 2014 it was granted the status of world cultural heritage by the UNESCO). Bertissolo & Sfoggia’s are both Capoeira practitioners. Their work capture models of artistic creation emerging from poetic context of Capoeira, which illuminate significant aspects of Brazilian culture while establishing a broad artistic dialogue that includes also the critical reflection on digital audiovisual technology.

Guilherme Bertissolo is Professor of Composition of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA); in 2011-12 he spent six months at the UCR doing research for his PhD dissertation. Lia Sfoggia is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at the UFBA; her dissertation focuses on Capoeira as a source for artistic processes in Dance. Bertissolo and Sfoggia are currently scholars in residence at the UCR working mainly at the Experimental Acoustic Research Studio (EARS) directed by Paulo C. Chagas.

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