Center Picks

Suggestions and resources for things to do & ways to connect. Have an idea or resource to share?

1. LACMA: Sonic Getaway
Imagine elsewhere with this exhibition-inspired soundtrack, enjoy a film series at home, and interact with LACMA’s collection.

2. Postcards – Little Creative Care 
Send a postcard to nursing homes and other care communities and brighten someone’s day.

3. Weaving our We: Collecting Resources to Combat Isolation
Crowd-sourced list of activities to help connect and fight against isolation and despair.

4. Finding Connection During a Pandemic
Wisconsin Public Radio broadcast (March 17)

5. National Theatre At Home
Streaming one recorded theatre production per week, starting April 2, 2020.

6.Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers 2020 Nebula Conference
Three days of online video panels with real-time interaction, May 29-31, 2020.