Global 19th Century: Contiguities. Connections. Detachments.

Thank you for joining us at the 2015 Global 19th Century Conference! Special thanks to our keynote speakers and presenters for making it an enriching conference! Check out our photos and videos from the two day event:

FEBRUARY 25, 2015


Joseph Childers, University of California, Riverside-Opening remarks
Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee, University of Warwick-“‘Yet Was It Human?’ Bankim, Hunter & Victorian Famine Ideology of Anandamath
(Moderator: Susan Zieger, University of California, Riverside)

James Q. Davies, University of California, Berkley-“Instruments of Empire”
Kevin Schwartz, University of Maryland-“Migrations and Movements of Persian Poets, Secretaries, and Litterateurs in the Nineteenth Century”
(Moderator: Aleca Le Blanc, University of California, Riverside)

FEBRUARY 26, 2015


Casper Andersen, Aarhus University-“Explorer Engineers and Professionals: The Literary Culture of brisith Imperial Engineering 1850-1914”
Alessandro Fornazzari, University of California, Riverside-“Vampire Squids and Democracy: Theses on the Primitive Accumulation of the Sea”
Erika Rappaport, University of California, Santa Barbara-“The Planter Abroad: Tea Growers and the Global Production of the Tea Drinker”
(Moderator: Jonathan Eacott, University of California, Riverside)

David Lloyd, University of California, Riverside-Keynote address-“Hegel and Pater: The (Aesthetic) End of History”
Joseph Childers-Closing remarks
(Moderator: Jonathan Eacott, University of California, Riverside)