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— Building faculty communities based on shared interests through collaborative research and programming —
The Faculty Commons Pilot Program supports collaborative faculty research and programming, with community building as an explicit aim. The program enables faculty members to coalesce as intellectual cohorts that engage in both collaborative projects and reciprocal mentorship and support. 
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Focuses on the complexities and multiplicities of the Black experience across Black Diasporas, examining social phenomena that impact the experiences of Black people across the diaspora, including anti-Black criminalization, death by preventable disease, AIDS/HIV infection, exposure to environmental toxins, punitive schooling and intergenerational impoverishment.

Convener: Anthony Jerry, Anthropology

Examines the social and economic factors affecting health and by using and assessing multiple lenses: critical theory, queer and disability studies and Indigenous, activist and community centered scholarship.

Convener: Juliet McMullin, Anthropology

Focuses on work at the intersections of Latinx and Latin American Studies and explores U.S. Latinx identities in a transnational perspective, with topics that include migration and migrant justice, education, cultural production and social movements around labor, criminalization and immigrant detention.

Convener: Adrián Félix, Ethnic Studies

Examines diversity issues in the performing arts such as whitewashing, color conscious casting and gender and race disparities at performing arts institutions and considers comparative studies of artists of color, decolonizing innovations in performing arts classrooms and theoretical approaches to trans and non-binary roles.

Convener: Donatella Galella: Theatre, Film and Digital Production

Focuses on reclamation projects that respond to Native American community needs and epistemologies, understanding reclamation broadly to mean recovery, renovation and innovation with a focus on Indigenous futurity, with an eye to associated Indigenous research methods.

Convener: Wesley Leonard, Ethnic Studies

The Faculty Commons Pilot Program at the Center for Ideas and Society is supported by an Advancing Faculty Diversity:  Piloting Best Practices on UC Campuses grant from the UC Office of the President.   For administrative inquiries, contact Katharine Henshaw (951)827-1555 katharine.henshaw@ucr.edu