Congratulations to UCR’s Jose Medrano, Hispanic Studies, for being one of six students selected for the Humanists@Work graduate student advisory committee!

Humanists@Work is a UC-wide initiative geared towards UC Humanities and humanistic Social Science MAs and PhDs interested in careers outside/alongside the academy. Learn more

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Mellon AIS Meeting

Mellon Advancing Intercultural Studies (AIS) Meeting on June 10, 2015. Mellon AIS is a 2-year series of four quarterly seminars that examines the benefits of and issues surrounding identities and practices formed in the multi- ethnic, multicultural, and transnational spaces of UCR and Southern California. Learn more about Mellon AIS.

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1st Annual SEATRiP Graduate Student Conference

The 1st Annual SEATRiP Graduate Student Conference on June 5, 2015. Special thanks to all of our student presenters and keynote speaker, Dr. Panivong Norindr. Learn more about SEATRiP at the Mobilizing the Arts in Southeast Asia page.

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Thinking like a Mall

Steve Vogel’s talk “Thinking like a Mall” on June 4, 2015. Steve Vogel is a faculty member of the Philosophy Department at Denison University. He has special research interests in environmental philosophy, in the work of Jürgen Habermas and of the Frankfurt School, and in Marxism, Hegel, and Heidegger. He is the author of Against Nature: The Concept of Nature in Critical Theory, published in 1996 by SUNY Press, and has published articles in Environmental Ethics, Environmental Values, Philosophy Today, Rethinking Marxism, Social Theory and Practice, Tikkun, Dissent, and elsewhere.

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Dueling Disciplines: Yoga

Thank you for joining us at Dueling Disciplines: Yoga on May 28, 2015. Special thanks to our speakers Farah Godrej, Amanda Lucia and Jacqueline Shea Murphy and to Jennifer Hughes for moderating this event. We hope you enjoyed this engaging discussion on the different academic perspectives on yoga!

The Dueling Disciplines series offers alternating disciplinary perspectives on a popular subject or theme. Faculty members and graduate students from ‘opposing’ theoretical viewpoints present ways to think about topics such as God, university education, or urbanism. The resulting ‘Duel’ is lighthearted and fun (for example, opposing ‘teams’ in the audience are invited to wave flags and cheer) without sacrificing academic rigor or respect.

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