Project Development Workshops

What: $500 Awards with potential for up to $250 more in matching funds
Who: CHASS faculty (ladder rank and LSOE)
When: Year-round (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer)
Award period: Varies by quarter
Deadline to apply: Applications may be submitted in advance but must be received no later than the deadlines for the quarter in which it will be held: Oct 15 (Fall 2021), Dec 15 (Winter 2022), March 15, 2022 (Spring 2022) or June 15 (Summer 2022).

Project Development Workshop Awards provide funds for a CHASS faculty member to host scholars or subject matter experts for an open discussion of the faculty member’s book manuscript, film, play or substantial creative project with the aim of moving it towards completion and submission (to a press, film festival, theatre, gallery show etc.) Funds may be used for workshop refreshments, travel (air/ground transport, lodging) and/or modest honoraria. Due to COVID-19, project workshops in the coming year will be hosted online.

Special consideration will be given to projects that have potential to impact tenure and/or promotion. Applicants should identify a first and second choice for the quarter in which they hope to host a workshop and should clearly identify how the workshop fits within their completion and submission timeline.

In addition to the $500 award, the Center will match up to an additional $250 of committed co-sponsorships to the workshops. Cosponsorships may be pursued before or after application but must be confirmed before the workshop planning begins.

Workshop Application Link:

Final awards are based on available funding. Administrative and event support is provided by the Center for Ideas and Society. Where possible, projects should make use of the Center’s facilities in College Building South.

Project workshop awards do not require matching funds, but awardees may qualify for up to $250 in Supplemental Award funding by obtaining cosponsorships for the workshop. Supplemental Awards will match cosponsorships on a dollar for dollar basis, up to $250. The $500 Project Development Workshop awards will be combined with the cosponsorship and Supplemental Awards to fund the workshop expenses. (Example: in addition to the $500 workshop award, a faulty member raises $150 in campus co-sponsorships. CIS will match the cosponsorship with a $150 Supplemental Award, for a total workshop budget of $800. ($500 award + $150 cosponsorship + $150 supplement)

All project transactions and processes must adhere to applicable/relevant UC, UCR, and Center policies. Expenses must be incurred within the award period and all unexpended funds are surrendered at the end of that period. Extensions of the grant timeframe are rare but may be requested in writing to the Center director. Expenditures must be within the categories listed in the proposal budget. Written permission is required for budget adjustments or changes to the project scope prior to spending funds.

Within four weeks following the workshop, awardees will prepare a final narrative report that assesses the outcomes (both planned and unexpected) and compares the project as proposed with the project as experienced. What progress was made toward the stated goals? What questions were uncovered or resolved?

In papers, conference presentations, or other methods of sharing the results of your workshop, please acknowledge the support of the Center for Ideas and Society.

From time to time, we may share your name, project title, and/or portions of your narrative report on our website or other reports and promotional materials. This serves our mission by sharing the research of our college with the wider public and helps us emphasize the importance and relevance of humanities-focused projects.

Helpful resources for planning a workshop:

Faculty Book Workshop Guide by CISSR

Workshop Planning Guide by Matthew Salganick

How to Plan a Book Manuscript Workshop by Karen Tani

For questions, please contact Katharine Henshaw, Associate Director, at