Forms and guidelines for travel expenses, event reimbursement and honoraria

Our goal is to process and submit payment requests to the UCR Accounting Office within five business days of receiving the claim and required documentation. Payment processing by Accounting can take an additional 2-3 weeks or longer, depending on the time of year. It is important to submit requests and receipts to us as soon as possible, to avoid compounding the delay.

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Submit pre-approved travel expenses to Jessica DiFilippo on this form:

Travel Expense Form

Receipts for expenses under $75 are generally not required. If required receipts are missing, please explain the circumstances. We may ask for additional documentation, such as screen shots of bank charges. (NOTE: Itemized airfare, lodging and/or rental car receipts are always required for reimbursement, regardless of amount.)

More information on allowable travel expenses is located on our Services page under ‘Travel’.


Once you submit your claim, Jessica will create a reimbursement voucher and forward it to you for approval. A ‘wet’ or hand-signature is required before she can submit the voucher to Accounting, so please keep an eye out for her email to avoid delays. You can print the voucher, sign it, and then return by email (scan or photos) or fax to (951) 827-6377.

In some cases, UC & IRS policy requires that we create a voucher even when there is no reimbursement claim (for example, to report airfare or lodging costs.) These vouchers also require a signature and we appreciate your help as promptly as possible.


Payment is delivered via US Mail by check in US dollars to the address provided on your Guest Information form or on tax documents submitted to our office. Foreign guests may request wire transfer payments to personal accounts outside the US. All bank transfer and conversion fees are covered by the recipient.

UCR faculty, students and staff use this form to submit claims for locally hosted meals, event refreshments, research supplies or other costs not associated with a trip or travel.

Reimbursement Claim Form

Expense claims are reimbursed according to project budget and prior approval.

Names of guests and their business/university affiliation are required for all meal and entertainment claims.


  • Receipts for expenses under $75 are generally not required.
  • If required receipts are missing, please explain the circumstances. We may ask for additional documentation, such as screen shots of bank charges.
  • Original, itemized receipts for expenses over $75 should include method of payment and gratuity.
  • If original receipts will be sent through campus mail, we advise that you make a copy for your records in case the mail is misdirected or lost. Otherwise, you may deliver receipts in person to Center offices.
  • To speed up processing, scans of receipts can be attached directly to the online form.
  • NOTE: We request documentation/receipts for expenses that include alcohol, even if the alcohol expense will be deducted from the total.


Payment is delivered via your established UCR payment method (direct deposit, paper check, etc.).

In some cases, hosts may offer to pay an honorarium to non-UCR faculty lecturers or project participants. If you have been offered an honorarium, additional tax and payment information is needed. See below for details.

NOTE: Honoraria payments are processed and paid separately from travel expenses or other reimbursements.

UC Faculty

Honoraria to UC faculty are processed through campus payroll. Please provide the name and contact information of your departmental payroll analyst.

US Citizens

US Citizens and Permanent Residents (green-card holders) should complete and sign a W9 form. Submit securely via fax to (951) 827-6377 or email to Jessica DiFilippo. Payment will be made by check visa US Mail to the address on the form.

Visiting Scholars on Research or Work Visas

If you are a visiting scholar in the US on a J-1, HB-1, O-1 or other special designation, you may or may not be able to receive honorarium payments depending on your visa restrictions. (Travel payments are not affected by these restrictions.) Notify Jessica right away if you hold a non-travel visa status.

Foreign Citizens on Travel Visas

Non-US citizens on travel visas should complete the following forms: UC W8BEN, COAA, and Form 8233. Submit forms via email to Jessica DiFilippo. During your stay, we must obtain a copy of your passport photo and visa entry stamp.

Payments may be mailed via US Mail in USD or sent by wire transfer to your personal account outside the US. Conversion and banking fees are not covered by the university. To request wire transfer, please send the following in an email to Jessica:

  • Preferred currency of payment
  • Account holder’s name, address and phone number (must match information on bank account)
  • Bank account number
  • Name & address of bank
  • IBAN # (International Bank Account Number) or SWIFT #

Not finding what you need? Contact:

Jessica DiFilippo. Jessica manages travel booking and reimbursements for guests sponsored by Center projects and programs.
Renee DeGuire. Renee processes catering and event reimbursements for UCR faculty, staff and students.