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All sessions in the Center for Ideas & Society, Conference Room

8-9am Breakfast and Welcome

9-10:30 Pierre Keller & Erich Reck (UCR)
“Philosophizing with Larry Wright”

10:45-12 Chris Yeomans (Purdue University)
“Perspective and Logical Pluralism in Hegel”

12-1:30pm Lunch

1:30-2:45 Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech)
“Explaining Local Explanation”

3-4:15 Alex Rosenberg (Duke University)
“How Larry Wright Changed the (Philosophical) World”

4:15-4:45 Coffee Break

4:45-6 Bas van Fraassen (Princeton) “After Hempel’s Dilemma: On the Evidence of Things Unseen”

6:30pm Dinner