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CHASS Research Lectures 2015-16
Selling Sex in the City: Havana

The aim of this presentation is to discuss the findings of a research project that examines the history of female prostitution in Havana from 1600 to the present. While Cuban women used sexual labor to support their families, to attain financial independence, and to buy their freedom from slavery, it is only with the advent of state-regulated prostitution that a discursive regime developed to create and solidify the prostitute identity. This presentation will provide a brief overview of sex work in Havana followed by a discussion of sex workers’ lives during the colonial and anti-colonial periods.

Amalia L. Cabezas, is Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies. She works on issues of sexual labor in the Caribbean. Currently, she is completing a research project on the application of Trafficking Victims Protection Act in Puerto Rico, the Inland Empire and the U.S.-Mexico border.

Sponsored by the Center for Ideas and Society

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