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Sawyer Seminar on Alternative Futurisms
Panel on Asian American Speculative Fiction

Traise Yamamoto (University of California, Riverside), Stephen Sohn (University of California, Riverside), Christopher Fan (University of California, Berkeley), and Rachel Lee (UCLA) will look at Asian American speculative fiction, exploring both the legacy of Asian racial formations in the American speculative imaginary and the complex relationship of Asian American authors of speculative fiction to the larger sf tradition. How does American fiction use speculative modes to imagine the Asian world? How do Asian American authors engage with a mode at-times characterized by the ugly racial politics of the Yellow Peril, or the technorientalist overtones of cyberpunk?  What different perspectives are offered by speculative fiction by Asian American authors?


“Alternative Futurisms” is a year-long John E. Sawyer seminar, sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, that will bring together scholars, writers, and artists to work on the intersections between ethnic identity and futuristic speculation. It will convene at UCR in Fall 2015 and run through Spring 2016 and the Center for Ideas and Society.
Art work by John Jennings.

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