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UCR Osher and UCR Center for Ideas & Society present Adventures of the Mind

A FREE lecture featuring two academics from different disciplines offering distinct perspectives on one topic. The moderator will be Georgia Warnke, director of the Center for Ideas and Society.

Topic: Democracy in Crisis?
After recent events like the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, encounters between police and African- American citizens, fake news and “alternative” facts and the 2016 presidential campaign and election, many people wonder if American democracy can survive. In this session, two UCR professors consider the question.

Eric Schwitzgebel, Ph.D., Professor Schwitzgebel’s research explores connections between empirical psychology and philosophy of mind, especially the nature of belief, the inaccuracy of our judgments about our stream of conscious experience, and the tenuous relationship between philosophical ethics and actual moral behavior.

Jenn Merolla, Ph.D., Professor Merolla’s research focuses on how the political environment shapes individual attitudes and behavior across many domains such as candidate evaluations during elections, immigration policy attitudes, foreign policy attitudes, and support for democratic values and institutions.

To reserve your seat, call (951)827-4105.
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