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Professor Eurydice Bauer
John E Swearigen Chair of Education, University of South Carolina

The research I will present uses a translanguaging framework, together with critical case sampling and qualitative analysis, to explore how six students approached literacy in an integrated dual language program in a lowincome, working class, predominantly African American school. Translanguaging, according to Garcfa (2009), “goes beyond the notion of two autonomous languages of a first language (L1) and a second language (L2)1′ (pp. 13-14). Students’ translanguaging practices encompassed a broad repertoire of features that included home language, academic language, metalinguistic awareness, and lived experiences across home, school and community contexts- many of which likely to go unexamined with traditional standardized testing. Educators working with minoritized dual language students are encouraged to adopt a translanguaging lens when assessing students’ bilingualism and biliteracy to more fully capture students’ linguistic repertoire.

Part of Bilingualism Matters at UCR

For more information please contact Judith Kroll JFKROLL@UCR.EDU OR Covadonga Lamar Prieto  COVADONGA.LAMARPRIETO@UCR.EDU