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Recital by guitarist Flávio Apro

The idea behind this program s to highlight some multicultural relationships between Spain, Brazil, France, Italy and the USA. These connections are given both from the compositions, the composers or the performer.

The program starts with the intense Fantasia-Sonata, by the Catalan Manén, a huge work that pushes the limits of sound intensities of the guitar. It is followed by an elegant short study by the French composer Napoleon Coste in the best 19th-century salon-style. Portrait is an intimate and meditative short piece composed by the performer himself. Dori Caymmi is a Brazilian popular composer that immigrated to USA, which piece Porto is a good example of his keen ability to describe Brazil’s shore landscapes. An interesting connection can be drawn between Study XI by Francisco Mignone and the 19th-century French poetry of Charles Baudelaire, especially his spleen concept. Sons de Carrilhões by João Pernambuco is a typical Brazilian dance, over which the performer will present some improvisations. Finally, we have a skillful composition by the Italian composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, who also immigrated to USA. In this work, the composer puts together some traditions from Celtic and American Jazz.

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Ideas and Society, Culver Center of the Arts, Music Department, Center for Iberan and Latin American Music (CILAM), and the Latin American Studies Program.