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In Focus: Juliet McMullin

Juliet McMullin
Convener, Inequities in Health, Faculty Commons Project

Juliet’s Stats:

Department: Anthropology
Rank: Professor
Years at UCR: 14
Favorite Thing: Chocolate. It is such a favorite thing that I host bi-annual chocolate parties.
Book I’m reading right now: Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot.
Personal Website: www.julietmcmullin.com

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In Focus: Amanda Lucia

Amanda Lucia

Department: Religious Studies
Rank: Associate Professor
Years at UCR: 7
Favorite Thing: Building my secret garden.
Top texts for a desert island: *Pierre Bourdieu, Distinction; Max Weber, Economy and Society (Vols. I & II); Giles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus [Chosen not on the pretense […]

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In Focus: Matthew Mahutga

Matthew Mahutga
Co-Lead, 2018-19 Political Economy Seminars and the Globalization, Populism and the International Order Symposium

Department: Sociology
Rank: Associate Professor
Years at UCR: 10+
Favorite thing: My favorite past-time is just about anything on the Central California coast.
Fishing, hiking, food and wine are right at the top!
Text I would take to […]

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In Focus: Anthony Jerry

Anthony Jerry
Convener, Blackness Unbound, Faculty Commons Project

Anthony’s Stats

Department: Anthropology
Rank: Assistant Professor
Years at UCR: 3
Project websiteculturalmediaarchive.org        

Q.  Summarize your research in one sentence: 

My work seeks to […]

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Call for Graduate Fellows: Global 19th Century 2019-20 Workshops

The Global Nineteenth-Century Working Group at the Center for Ideas and Society invites applications for Graduate Student Fellows in 2019-20. The Fellowship includes participation in two events:

1) A one-day, interdisciplinary workshop, loosely organized around the sub-themes of “Architectures,” “Devotional Practices” and “Empires” in the long nineteenth century, to take place on Friday, September 27, […]

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Lalami wins leading literary prize

Laila Lalami, a creative writing professor and author of several books, is the winner of the 2019 Simpson/Joyce Carol Oates Literary Prize.

She was one of five finalists announced last month, selected from authors nominated by publishers, critics, agents, authors, and other author representatives.

Lalami, who received a $50,000 prize, said she was thrilled to receive the […]

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Lalami on short list for literary prize

UC Riverside Creative Writing Professor Laila Lalami is one of six finalists for the 2019 Simpson Literary Prize, which honors mid-career fiction authors.

Lalami is the author of multiple award-winning novels, including her most recent book, “The Moor’s Account.” Her new novel, “The Other Americans,” will be published later this month.

The $50,000 Simpson Literary Prize has been awarded […]

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A very good year for conferences

Image credit: Frank La Pena, Deer Dance Spirit

Whether you love them – or love to avoid them – conferences are a time-proven way to bring academics, activists, artists and the public into conversation about research. In the last 30 years, the Center has hosted or supported over […]

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She’s truly the colleague we all hope for

Dana Simmons

Dana Simmons has devoted her life to teaching. She is an associate professor in the department of history and has been teaching at UC Riverside for 13 years.

“With very little, if any, compensation, Dana has been tireless in her efforts to advance the careers of women faculty,” said Goldberry […]

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The Party of the University: The institutional memory of Hanna Gray

There is a moment in former University of Chicago President Hanna Gray’s memoir, An Academic Life (published this spring with Princeton University Press), when Gray is appointed to chair Ronald Reagan’s Task Force on the Arts and Humanities, a committee whose object was reputed to be the dismantling of the National Endowments for the Arts and […]

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Lee Explores Human Evolution in “Close Encounters With Humankind”

Photo by Jimmy Lai/ Student Photographer, CHASS Marketing & Communications

“Close Encounters with Humankind” is not your typical textbook. Every chapter starts with a question. Questions can be about the birth of fatherhood, or farming, or our changing brains.

“A lot of the textbooks talk about the […]

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