CHASS Mid-Career Research Initiative

The CHASS Mid-Career Research Initiative (CMCRI) focuses on fostering research productivity, leadership skills, and professional balance for associate-level faculty in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. A multi-unit collaboration hosted by the Center for Ideas and Society, CMCRI hosts working groups, online support forums, a lecture series, and retreats—often geared towards women faculty, who are underrepresented in the full professor ranks—that are designed to support productivity in research, teaching, and service for mid-career faculty.

CMCRI is sponsored by the CHASS Dean’s Office, Center for Ideas & Society, the Departments of English, Ethnic Studies, History, Media & Cultural Studies, and Religious Studies, and the California Center for Native Nations.

Working Groups

CMCRI organizes faculty to attend bi-weekly working group meetings, which are designed to foster support and accountability for research and writing. These two-hour meetings may focus on idea-sharing and problem-solving or on writing accountability and professional development. Working together, scholars create an invigorating and motivating community of intellectual discourse. Members are encouraged to exchange work as desired. Faculty often participate in online for a to encourage and track progress toward research and writing goals.

During the summer months, CIS hosts scholars from all fields of the humanities, social sciences, and arts. In-residence members are given office space at the Center for Society and Ideas.

Spring Retreat

CMCRI hosts a day-long retreat at the Center for Ideas and Society. The retreat focuses on short-term and long-term planning, advancing from associate professor to full professor, and practical writing strategies.

Fall Retreat

CMCRI hosts an off-campus writing retreat to encourage collaboration, foster support and accountability, and practice writing strategies.

Lecture Series

During the academic year, CMCRI hosts a lecture series to disseminate participants’ research to the broader community.

Co-Conveners for 2015-2016 Academic Year

Erica Edwards

Jennifer Hughes

Michelle Raheja