Mobilizing the Arts in Southeast Asia 2017-05-18T17:30:38+00:00

Mobilizing the Arts in Southeast Asia and its Diasporas


  • Christina Schwenkel
  • Mariam Lam
  • Tamara Ho
  • Sarita See
  • Casey Avaunt
  • Astara Light
  • Shelley Guyton
  • Stephen James

Working within the framework of successful projects over the last several years, from “Viral Ports” to “Points of Contact,” this year we aim to continue our new tradition of engaging the everyday, gendered, classed and racialized lives of Southeast Asians –broadly conceived in and beyond the nation – in relation to the arts. A study of regionally oriented texts, rituals, and performances once formed the basis of the establishment of the program in Southeast Asian Studies (SEATRiP). However, the orientation we are proposing here considers the region as a site of deep transnational social and aesthetic engagement with global processes and historical shifts and alignments. Thus, “viral ports” and “points of contact” refer to the recurring movements and migrations of people, centers of power and industry, moments of dispossession, changing loci of innovative
critical thought, as well as the cultural forms that compel, measure, and provoke such global changes. Through a focus on the arts, in particular, we seek to better understand the variegated artistic forms and practices through which ideas and ideologies are creatively expressed, shaped and communicated within and among different societies of Southeast Asia in connection with the diaspora.


April 9, 2015
Nguyen Tan Hoang | The Spacing and Timing of Việt Kiều Intimacy in Charlie Nguyễn’s Để Mai tính

May 8, 2015
Janet Hoskins | God’s Left Eye Closes in Vietnam And Re-Opens in California

May 14, 2015
Dredge Byung’chu Käng | “For Whites Only” Queer Desires for Respect in Asianizing Thailand

June 5, 2015
1st Annual SEATRiP Graduate Student Conference