Funding Opportunities

Each year, the Center for Ideas and Society invites applications for faculty and graduate student project funding. While amounts and project types can very from year to year, typically calls are issued in the Fall quarter for projects scheduled to start the following year. Awards are usually announced during the Winter quarter.

With certain exceptions, awarded funds are administered by the Center.

Center for Ideas & Society Calls

Program Name Eligibility Deadline
Event Cosponsorship Open Ongoing
Mellon Advancing Intercultural Studies Faculty, Graduate Students Closed
2017-18 Senior Fellows Awards Faculty Closed
2017-18 Second Project Fellowships
Faculty Closed
2017-18 HIP and Conference Awards Faculty Closed
Humanities Graduate Student Research Grants Graduate Students Closed

Other Calls

* Denotes proposals that allow up to 15% of the project budget to be allocated to the local humanities center or department for administrative support. If you would like to discuss how CIS can support your project, please contact Katharine at