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Global 19th Century Conference 2015: Contiguities. Connections. Detachments.

February 25, 2015

Joseph Childers, University of California, Riverside-Opening remarks
Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee, University of Warwick-“‘Yet Was It Human?’ Bankim, Hunter & Victorian Famine Ideology of Anandamath
(Moderator: Susan Zieger, University of California, Riverside)

James Q. Davies, University of California, Berkley-“Instruments of Empire”
Kevin Schwartz, University of Maryland-“Migrations and Movements of Persian Poets, Secretaries, and Litterateurs in the Nineteenth Century”
(Moderator: Aleca Le Blanc, University of California, Riverside)

February 26, 2015

Casper Andersen, Aarhus University-“Explorer Engineers and Professionals: The Literary Culture of brisith Imperial Engineering 1850-1914”
Alessandro Fornazzari, University of California, Riverside-“Vampire Squids and Democracy: Theses on the Primitive Accumulation of the Sea”
Erika Rappaport, University of California, Santa Barbara-“The Planter Abroad: Tea Growers and the Global Production of the Tea Drinker”
(Moderator: Jonathan Eacott, University of California, Riverside)

David Lloyd, University of California, Riverside-Keynote address-“Hegel and Pater: The (Aesthetic) End of History”
Joseph Childers-Closing remarks
(Moderator: Jonathan Eacott, University of California, Riverside)