Evaluating Impact

Research in the humanities seeks to extend our understanding of who we are, who we have been and who we want and ought to be. In general the Center assesses the impact of projects, proposals and applications in terms of the following criteria:

Project Focus

  • The importance and clarity of the questions, issues or problems the project seeks to address.
  • The capacity of the project to enhance or develop insights into, or an understanding of, these questions, issues or problems.
  • The extent to which the project has appropriately taken account of existing research and scholarship.
  • The appropriateness, effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed approach or research methods.


  • The ability of the participants to complete or make headway on the project.
  • The inclusion of opportunities in the project for junior and less senior faculty.


  • The clarity of lines of responsibility and accountability.
  • The inclusion of a realistic timetable that includes milestones.


  • The relationship between the funds sought and the significance and quality of the projected results of the project.

Dissemination and Impact

  • The appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed dissemination methods.
  • The amount of attention to possible beneficiaries of the project and to ways of engaging with them.