“Colliding Worlds: When Art, Science and Technology Meet at UC Riverside” Excerpt

Two programs supported by the Center for Ideas and Society, Science Studies Coffee Hour and the upcoming Comics and Medicine Conference, have been featured in the UCR Magazine article “Colliding Worlds: When Art, Science and technology Meet at UC Riverside” By Michelle Woo. Read the following excepts with their mention:

Bonding Across Disciplines

Bust of Lorenzo de' Medici.Connections at UCR form through natural, open- ended conversation, which blooms through programs such as Science Studies Coffee Hour, an intimate forum where faculty, researchers and graduate students of all disciplines can delve into the areas of science, technology and medicine. The group — composed of scientists, science fiction writers and scholars of culture — has toured an artificial septic system in the Bourns College of Engineering, discussed new research on personhood and immunity, and read about innovations in rice production. “The world is becoming more and more techno-scientific, and we need new tools to grasp it, to make connections across the disciplines,” Dana Simmons, associate professor of history and a member of the group, says. “Scientists have deep technical expertise but may not be equipped to grasp the social impact or cultural factors shaping their research. Humanists understand social issues but may lack empirical knowledge. We want this to be a space for building new bridges.”

Helping People Understand the World

And art is able to do that like no other medium can. Juliet McMullin, an associate professor in the department of anthropology, examines how graphic novels about cancer not only illuminate the “ordinary, chronic, cruddy” life experiences of those with the disease, but they can also contribute to the nuances of discourses on health care inequalities. “Being able to see the imagery alongside the words allows the reader to pause and think more in-depth,” she says of the genre. This summer, McMullin will host the International Comics & Medicine Conference at the Culver Center of the Arts from July 16 to 18. This will explore the idea of space as a critical element in health care and comics.

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Chancellor’s Research Fellowship Spring Reception

The Chancellor’s Research Fellowship Spring Reception was held at the Center for Ideas and Society on May 27, 2015. The Chancellor’s Research Fellowship is a competitive award presented to thirteen students annually. Recipients are selected form an applicant pool based on a well defined research proposal and a letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor. To learn more about the fellowship visit the UCR Chancellor’s Research Fellowship page.


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Goldberry Long Reading

Goldberry Long’s reading of her novel in progress, Miss O’Keeffe’s Lover on May 19, 2015. Goldberry Long is the author of the novel Juniper Tree Burning. Her forthcoming novel, Miss O’Keeffe’s Lover, is under contract at Simon and Schuster. Her work has appeared in Colorado Review, New Orleans Review, Bayou Magazine, and Poetry International. She lives in California with her family, where she teaches fiction writing at the University of California, Riverside.

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2014-15 CHASS Book Celebration

Thank you everyone for attending the 2014-15 CHASS Book Celebration! See the full list of this year’s CHASS faculty publications here. For more information on faculty publications visit the UCR Faculty Publications page.

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“For Whites Only”: Queer Desires for Respect in Asianizing Thailand

Dredge Byung’chu Käng’s talk “For Whites Only”: Queer Desires for Respect in Asianizing Thailand on May 14th. Käng is a PhD/MPH candidate in anthropology and global epidemiology at Emory University. His research focuses on the intersections of queer and trans* studies, critical race theory, and inter-­‐Asian regionalism. This event was sponsored by the Mellon workshop “Mobilizing the Arts in Southeast Asia and its Diasporas”, Center for Ideas and Society, and SEATRiP.

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Latinos, Theater and the New Health Humanities

Thanks for joining us at Dr. Tiffany Ana López’s talk “Latinos, Theater and the New Health Humanities.” López is a Professor of Theatre, Film and Digital Production & Tomás Rivera Endowed Chair in the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences. Her work focuses on issues of trauma and violence and the role of the arts in fostering personal healing and social change.

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Composing in an App Environment

Thank you for joining us at “Composing in an App Environment: A Conversation on Multimedia Publishing with Apple.” We hope you enjoyed this discussion on how Apple products can help us think through and solve questions related to composing in a digital environment.

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God’s Left Eye Closes in Vietnam And Re-Opens in California

Thanks for joining us at Janet Hoskins’ talk “God’s Left Eye Closes in Vietnam And Re-Opens in California.” Hoskins is Professor of Anthropology and Religion at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Her books include The Divine Eye and the Diaspora: Vietnamese Syncretism Becomes Transpacific Caodaism (University of Hawaii 2015), The Play of Time: Kodi Perspectives on History, Calendars and Exchange (1996 Benda Prize in Southeast Asian Studies), and Biographical Objects: How Things Tell the Stories of People’s Lives (1998). To learn more about Hoskins’ work, visit her website.

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MMUF Spring Welcome Dinner

Congratulations to our 2015 MMUF fellows! We are proud to welcome Ariana Elizalde, Jazmine Exford, Eddie Franco, Lili Ramirez, and Cynthia Romero to the Mellon family. Special thanks to our mentors Jennifer Hughes, Chris Laursen, Fred Moten, Covadonga Lamar Prieto, and everyone who attended the welcome dinner. Learn more about the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program at mellonmays.ucr.edu.

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A Changing Magna Carta

Thank you for joining us at Linda Colley’s talk “A Changing Magna Carta: Past, Present and Futures?” Linda Colley is a historian who specialises in post-1700 British history, a focus which has led her into studies of nationalism, empire and global history. She is author of a number of critically-acclaimed books. They include In Defiance of Oligarchy: The Tory Party 1714-1760 (1982), Namier (1988), Britons: Forging the Nation 1707-1837 (1992) which won the Wolfson Prize, Captives: Britain, Empire and the World 1600-1850 (2002) and The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh (2007), which was named by The New York Times as one of the ten best books of the year. To learn more about Linda Colley, visit her official website.

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Ken Wissoker

On May 1, 2015 Ken Wissoker, the Editorial Director of Duke University Press, gave two forums for CHASS faculty and graduate students on scholarly book publication. We are pleased to offer podcasts of Ken’s presentations.

Publishing Your First Book

“Publishing your first book” offers practical ways to understand the difference between a dissertation and a book, as well as approaches to publishers.


The Second Book and Beyond

“The Second Book and Beyond” addresses the challenges of second books and discusses different genres of scholarly books a faculty member may want to write over the course of a career.



Ken Wissoker is the Editorial Director of Duke University Press, acquiring books in anthropology, cultural studies and social theory; globalization and post colonial theory; Asian, African, and American studies; music, film and television; race, gender and sexuality; science studies; and other areas in the humanities, social sciences, media, and the arts. This fall 2014, in addition to his duties at the Press, he became Director of Intellectual Publics at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. He has published close to 900 books which have won over 100 prizes. Wissoker is the author of “The Future of the Book as a Media Project” (Cinema Journal), “Scholarly Monographs Are Flourishing, Not Dying” and “Negotiating a Passage between Disciplinary Borders” (Chronicle of Higher Education).

Ken’s visit was sponsored by CIS and the CHASS Dean’s office as the first event in a cooperative venture with the UCLA Humanities Editor-in-Residence Fellow Series, initiated by Nina Eidsheim, a faculty member in Musicology.

Event Photos

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Thank you for joining us at Eric Schwitzgebel’s talk “Ethics.” To learn more about Eric Schwitzgebel and his work visit his UCR faculty page.

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