FEBRUARY 28TH THE 28ERS’ PRESENTS: One Vote, One Voice: A Town Hall Meeting to Amend the US Constitution

THE 28ERS’ PRESENTS: One Vote, One Voice:  A Town Hall Meeting to Amend the US Constitution
LOCATION: University of California,  Riverside / 1500 Humanities Building
DATE & TIME: February 28th, 7:00-9:00PM
FOOD: Potluck & Attendee Contributions Welcomed
Do you care about Third World poverty, global warming, immigration, GMOs, prisons and the privatization of the commons? Do you wonder how to solve problems as various as the home foreclosure crisis, k-street lobbying and special interests, derivative trading, fracking, the Keystone Pipeline, corporate subsidies, never-ending copyright monarchies? Do you worry about the lives of the uninsured and the working class, who must crawl through the fear-tunnels found in minimum wage and old age?  Are you up at night wondering when the endless teeth of America’s Military-Industrial-Complex will finally lose its gums?
In the waking hours of the possible, do you dream of renewable energy? Of hydrogen, solar and wind power? Of increased access to education and reversing the student debt bomb?
Money in politics, the bribery that distorts both truth and transparency, aids and abets these vexing issues and blocks real dialogue from happening between America’s citizens–no matter how disparate the civic stances are in question.
While the 28ers started off as an affinity group of activists from Occupy Riverside, we increasingly draw support from the Inland Empire’s diverse communities. We are committed to revolutionizing the role of money in politics, so that all citizens, no matter how poor or rich, are given equal representation in American politics. In Essence: One Vote, One Voice.
After four months of research and meetings, and finding dissatisfaction with the 16 Constitutional Amendments currently envisioned by other organizations, we decided to draft our own Amendment that will forever sever the collusion between big business and big government. We hope to pass an amendment that bans all private and corporate political contributions, and instead requires the public financing of all federally elected positions. Our Amendment hopes to redress structural inequalities in the US, as well as encourage the fullest participation of all its citizens.
This event not only hopes to bring Occupy activists together with the Riverside community, but also hopes to connect these groups with UCR’s campus a whole: its students, staff and faculty. We want to share our 28th Amendment, explain our goals and dreams and hear what you have to offer as equals of this nation.
We want to thank UC Riverside’s “Center for Ideas and Society” for their generous offer to sponsor this event and their continuous commitment to letting new ideas surface. And we also thank “Sustainable UCR” students for their support in advertising for the event.
2-28-2013 28ersTownHall co-sponsor

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